Russian bride meeting with a international groom

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Conclusions on the topic how to “unmask” the man who is a potential groom, and whether he needs “a little” of female attention, or if speaking with other words whether he is really ready to give you himself, as you expect him to, or he is simply happy with sucking of you all of your spiritual and physical reserves.

Who would benefit from this article?

This article is aimed for couples who are starting their communication via the correspondence, and everything looks to be pretty good until the moment when the lack of English skills bring them to nothing else than a world of broken dreams, the aim of this articles to help overcoming the long and hard path, which we can call as “Road to happiness”.

Russian bride meeting

Dana’s history

Dana, who is thirty years old, has wrote, that she didn’t even had internet at home before, so she was not even dreaming that she will meet her soul mate in the real world, but at some point of her life she made a decision, that she should take the initiative into her hands and start changing her own life according to the way she wants it to be, same as people make business plans on and for their jobs, she made a business plan for her life.

That is why she started reading carefully the online reviews of Russian brides in order to realize what is their recipe of happiness and how to succeed in the plan that she got in her head.

Good photo shoot is the key to success!

First of all she decided to make a decent photo session in order to gather more masculine attention. And the plan really turned to be a good one, as she was “drowning” in the attention from a lot of men, but now her aim was to classify the interesting men, from the ones that are not that interesting, the real ambitious ones, from the ones who are used to live according to their mother’s opinion.

Russian bride meeting

This way Dana has limited her communication to three men, who were strong, trustworthy and had that brutal look on their face that she was always looking for. Some she decided to meet them in person.

First man she met was Patrick from Maryland that was the man who she liked most of all and who proved to be her great disappointment as he was a sex tourist, and she realized that as soon after communicating with him for a few minutes in person, so eventually that was the first and last date.

The second man she met was from Ireland, he seemed to be very nice to her, but she didn’t felt that sparkle that she was supposed to.

Russian bride meeting

Those two first experiences have made a strong impact upon her, as she lost the faith that she might become happy and really meet that one and only person meant for her.

But her third meeting with a man was already set up three months ago, the tickets were bought, and she could not refuse on meeting.

And later she realized that Thank God she didn’t.

Jack has turned to be simple, very attentive and charming man who had a great sense of humor and starting with the first date she kept laughing and smiling all the time.

All the ten days that he was in her hometown they spent together starting with the morning and finishing in the evening, this way by the time he was leaving to California, her heart was broken as she already missed him a lot.

Russian bride meeting

Good think to have a plan in the head

He came back four months later and proposed her, she was very happy and said yes without having a single doubt in her head that she wants to spend her life with this person. They got married in her hometown, and a few months later he made all the documentation that allowed her to join him in his country.

Since that time, six years have passed together they have a four years old daughter Kate, and currently Dana is expecting their second child, a boy whom they will name Matthew. This is a story that proves the fact that sometimes it is better to have a plan in the head.

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