Russian scammers on dating websites: How to avoid coming across them?

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If you are a foreign man who has made up his mind to look for your soulmate through one of widely sped dating websites, you need to be aware of those dangers and risks that can, unfortunately, expect you. The world network has not only the advantages of getting in touch with a large variety of people but also some downsides.

One of them is Russian scammers on online sites including dating platforms. Nobody doubts the benefits of the Internet. Yet the world network is fraught with some dangers. The most frequent risks the Internet users face are hacker attacks, beaches of database, and scam. The last one concerns precisely dating websites.

Russian scammers: What are they like?

Scammers from Russia

Swindlers have always existed. Nowadays the types of them have tremendously grown since fraudulence started spreading throughout the Internet. The common word that is usually used for swindlers in the world network is “scam.”

If you are a would-be dater and determined to sign up for one of international dating websites, you must look into this issue to avoid disappointment, fail in your search for a soulmate, and other nasty surprises.

How widely spread are online scammers?

Perhaps, you can find it quite hard to believe, but online dating websites’ users quite often face fraudulence. Particularly, it concerns free of charge platforms where members’ safety, most commonly, precarious.

Online surveys of reputable sources usually show that around 10 % of male daters got at least once scammed. They took girls’ requests for money too seriously and generously sent some amount out to them. In the USA, there were known cases when scammers managed to con over 1000 and even more dollars from daters.

The figures in Russia are only a fraction of that. Nevertheless, that’s also the loss of money and sometimes even sizeable if we compare the American and Russian people’s earnings in percentage.

Warning: While signing up for a dating website and keeping actively seeking your soulmate, you should remain on edge and do not underestimate the risks and dangers of coming across female scammers.

False pictures

Fake profile pictures

As soon as a new dater has signed up and started his quest, the first feature to which guys normally pay attention is the woman’s profile picture. To make lads notice her, a typical scammer put a perfect photo. Guys don’t often suspect that it can be another lady’s photo. Female swindlers usually post pics of the following women:

  • little-known movie actresses or fashion models
  • attractive girls with pictures in social media that are on the open Internet
  • stolen friends’ pics once they happily shared with would-be scammers.

Some Russian scammers show miracles of ingenuity. They use a surprising array of techniques: photoshopping, beautiful background, double exposure, etc.

Warning: Keep in mind that men can also be behind women’s profile pictures.

Victims of scamming

Victims of Russian online scammers

While singling out one of international trustworthy dating websites, guys don’t quite often weigh up risks of facing probable unpleasant issues and troubles. Russian scammers occasionally manage to sign up even for legitimate platforms. Their victims can be different kinds of male users:

  • well-off middle-aged as well as elderly men
  • too gullible and deceivable guys
  • unseasoned fellows
  • upcountry lads.

The ways to avoid encountering scam

Seasoned users of online dating sites are readily giving helpful tips to novices on how not to be misled by women’s profiles with false pics and not to turn into victims of resourceful scammers. Although the administration of reputable platforms takes care of their users’ safety quite seriously, a lot depends on the behavior of male members themselves.

From the very beginning of their communication on the website, men should follow some common rules. The most important ways to prevent themselves from falling into the scammer’s trap:

  • sign up only on those sites that have millions of users; get more than 80 % positive testimonials on independent sources; apply cutting edge security system
  • do not rush into chatting or sending messages without thoroughly looking into the girl’s profile you got attracted to
  • vet the women’s pictures through special services (such as Google Images) that allow you to find out whether the photos are fake or true
  • if you are pitched for money insistently, give up communicating with the female user and if necessary report her to the administration
  • do not trust girls’ pictures that seem getting photoshopped or their images look similar to movie actresses, catwalk models or sort of celebrities
  • while socializing, vet whether the woman’s actions comport with her background and views posted in her profile.
Good-looking girls from Russia

This is a given that Russian young women are indeed worldwide known for their natural attractiveness and charm. However, scammers tend to use exactly this feature while doing their best to draw overseas guys’ attention.

Therefore, foreign men should remain upon the watch and contact beautiful gals carefully. Try to focus not only on attractive female looks but also on the Russian women’s well-known and highly recognized personality traits:

  • readiness to contact guys with serious intentions online as well as in-person
  • the mode of life of which is typical such features as active pastime; a variety of enthusiasms; a large number of friends, etc.
  • family-oriented desires directed first of all to children that are a lot more vital for Russian women than work promotion
  • single-mindedness, determination, and lack of fear of obstacles
  • kindness, politeness, and warm-heartedness
  • the ability to look proper in absolutely different circumstances.


Online dating gives a various array of opportunities to find a match. Yet along with benefits, it has quite many drawbacks. One of them is the risk of being faced up with the Internet fraudulence. Substantially, all contemporary legitimate online dating sites are preoccupied with their users’ security issues.

As a rule, a large number of different specialists get always involved in working out precise measures to prevent the members of the community from being scammed:

  • a contemporary high-end system that allows to vet the users’ profiles, in particular, women’s accounts and their pictures through verification
  • arbitration service to find the solution to controversial problems
  • payment for extra services to get a lot more opportunities to chat, communicate, swap emails as well as messages between users of both genders
  • a fast connection with the dating site’s administrator if such a necessity turns up
  • 24-hour support of the specialists to help out with technical issues.

The absence of these features on the site must strike a warning note at least and in risky situations make users get rid of the signing up for the platform.

Trustworthy dating websites

Before signing up for a dating platform, men should look into the service and security conditions there. To single out a proper website isn’t an easy process. It needs relatively much time, observation, an ability to analyze and draw the right conclusions.

Nowadays you as a future online dater can get to know testimonials and feedbacks of seasoned members of communities as well as experts. They will doubtlessly help you with the choice. There are some basic criteria of a trustworthy online dating site:

  1. several years of the service
  2. a considerable predominance of positive testimonials
  3. paid and free of charge services but not only one of them
  4. a large number of active users of both genders involved in the community
  5. strict measures against fraud
  6. easy availability of the support as well as the site administration.

Recap: Happy ending

Happily married Russian women

What expects determined and single-minded guys is success. For them, their dating experience will certainly end up finding a soulmate. Dates, romance in real life, marriage, the birth of children – all this is possible if the man does his best on the way to his target and won’t ever give in.

Perhaps, you can’t often see happily married couples who got to know each other on dating websites. Yet they, fortunately, exist and frequently share their way to the happy ending with other daters.

Read their reminiscences, pay attention to the details of their romance development, and follow their example but not in everything. Their errors will also help present daters in their search for a soulmate.

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