Russian wife cheating – how likely is that?

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A lot of men from all over the globe visit Russia in order to find the woman of their dream. Eastern European women’s beauty is legendary, and they are also known for their bright intellect, sensitive soul sophisticated sense of humour and traditional family values. Under such circumstances, it’s no wonder western men consider them a wonderful wife material. But they also have a great deal of doubts when considering whether joining a Russian dating agency is the right thing to do. Russian wife cheating is one of their fears.

Men from the west looking for loyal and faithful Russian wives

After all, a western man takes a lot of trouble in order to start a romantic relationship and then to keep a woman interested for months to come. There are also lots of expenses if one decided to marry a woman from another country. A man pays for his own air tickets, for hotel stay in Russia, for his woman’s trips to his home country and for her visa. Then there are wedding expenses.

And of course, it goes without saying that a man in love doesn’t want to end up with a broken heart. Russian wife cheating and living him – one of the worst nightmares he could ever imagine.

So should you worry about something like this? Is there a strong possibility of a Russian woman being unfaithful? Let’s discuss these questions in more detail.

It’s unlikely your Russian wife will cheat on you

The simple fact is, Russian women are some of the most faithful and loyal wives on the planet. They treasure their marriage and family life. They are excellent home makers and they take lots of effort in order to keep their home comfortable, joyful and pleasant place.

They are brought up with a romantic idea of an eternal love that happens only once in a lifetime, and they try their best to live according to these expectations. Having an extramarital relationship with another man is usually associated with a great deal of emotional discomfort and feeling of guilt, and women try to avoid this by all means. They wouldn’t risk their family for an affair.

Besides, Russian women are not likely to experience uncontrolled passions for other men. While sex life is important for them, spiritual closeness with a partner is always a priority. If there are issues with physical intimacy in a marriage, Russian women would rather try to solve a problem than create a disaster by sleeping with other men.

Their sex life is always linked to feelings rather than to passions and desires, and feelings are usually reserved for their husbands and father of their kids. Under such circumstances, Russian wife cheating on you is a highly unlikely scenario.

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Devoted and family oriented Russian women for dating and marriage

Russian women know how it feels when someone cheats on you

Simply put, cheating is rampant among Slavic men. Russian demographics allow them to find girlfriends very easily, and they don’t feel they should limit themselves to only one romantic relationship at a time.

Male-to-female ratio in Russia is terribly skewed due to various reasons, and women tend to compete for a man’s attention. Russian men get used to having plenty of beautiful and elegant women around, and they don’t particularly value what they’re getting. There are also a few popular sentiments in Russia that kind of justify a man‘s disloyalty. Here are some of them:

  • All men cheat. If they don’t, it’s because they are useless and can’t easily get a woman. As you can see, cheating is considered a privilege of a real man.
  • Men are polygamous by nature, and women are monogamous. Cheating is justify by nature itself – men just can’t resist having affairs, because they are simply designed this way. It’s their natural attribute to womanize, whereas a woman is supposed to be loyal and devoted. Having a lover is against the laws of nature for a female.
  • A wife is to be blamed for her husband’s infidelity. Yes, you’ve heard that right. If a man sleeps around, it’s because his wife is not attractive enough, not loving enough, not skilful enough when it comes to physical intimacy, a lousy homemaker and a terrible cook. Surprisingly, this logic doesn’t work the other way around – if a man is a terrible lover, a drunkard and a lousy breadwinner, nothing justifies his wife’s infidelity.

As you can see, Russian women have to put up with a lot of nonsense in their home country. The problem is deeply rooted in unequal number of males and females in Russia, when even the most beautiful and accomplished girls have to compete in order to have a boyfriend or husband.

Fortunately, in the world of today one is no longer limited by geographical borders. Russian brides for marriage meet their potential partners over the internet and move abroad in order to start a relationship based upon mutual respect understanding, love and affection. They don’t want to be cheated on, and they don’t want to cheat.

What should you do if you’re afraid your partner will cheat on you?

If you fear you’ll discover your Russian wife cheating on you, there are several things you can do. First of all, communication is key. Simply talk to the Russian woman you’re in a relationship with and explain your views on infidelity in marriage. Then ask about hers.

This is one of the most important questions to discuss before getting married. If she assures you that cheating on her husband is absolutely unacceptable for her, the only option that’s left for you is to trust her.

If you feel it’s difficult or impossible for you to trust a person, you’d better drop the idea of marrying her and start searching for your happiness elsewhere. It’s a better solution for you as well as for the woman.

Find a loyal and faithful Russian wife on a dating site

What you shouldn’t do if you expect your partner to cheat on you

Jealousy is a miserable and humiliating feeling. Don’t take that path – it never leads to anything good in a marriage. Unfortunately, quite a few international marriages have come to an end because of a husband’s uncontrolled jealousy. They simply can’t drop the idea of their Russian wife cheating on them. Here are some of the huge no-no’s in an international marriage with a Russian woman you should be aware of:

  • Don’t spy on her. Spying on a person is an infringement of their privacy, and no one appreciate this kind of things. If your Russian wife discovers you’ve been spying on her, expect some very unpleasant scenes at home.
  • Don’t provoke her in order to see her reaction. It’s hard to believe it, but some husbands ask their friends to flirt with their wife in order to see whether she will flirt back. This is a on the level of a kindergarten, and no man with a tiniest drop of self-respect would engage in something like this.
  • Don’t make her life miserable by continuous nagging and whining. If you make her life hell because of your jealousy, your marriage will not last long, even if you have kids. Lots of men mistakenly think that a woman will tolerate nonsense in order to save the family for her kids’ sake. Well, she may or she may not, but you don’t want to take chances. Generally speaking, it’s one of the things that are sure to make a Russian woman dislike you.

Most importantly, you should remember that your task is to provide your Russian wife with an emotional comfort in your country, not to drive her mad with your suspicions and jealousy. After all, she left her homeland, family and friends to be with you.

These were only some thought on Russian wife cheating scenario, but of course, it goes without saying that every marriage is different and we can’t generalize when it comes to something as personal as this.

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