Russian women for marriage and family: how to be happy with a Russian wife

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Is It True That Russian Women Are Family Oriented?

There’s a widespread notion that Russian women are family oriented. They’re considered to be perfect wives, loving mothers, that’s why many American men want to marry Russian girls. But if we learn more about them, we’ll find out that this notion is true, but only partially. So, are Russian women for marriage? It really depends.

It All Starts From the Childhood

A great number of Russian parents raise their little daughters with the idea, that a woman’s goal of life is a happy family. According to Russian traditions, it’s the only way for a woman to be happy. Only a successful marriage is supposed to give a woman a respectable status.

What if you marry a Russian woman? Are you ready for the happiness?

Young Russian girls read love stories and imagine the way they will live together with their perfect husbands. They only want to see someone worthy next to them, but that’s only when they’re young. When they get older and remain single, they feel unhappy and lonely.

They seem to forget that there’s plenty of pleasures in life, apart from a marriage. All of them are depicted as inferior in comparison with a happy family. That’s why Russian women for marriage looks the best variant.

Almost all Russian men and women genuinely believe that a marriage is something important, sacred. And the earlier they marry, the better. Women at the age of 27 are already concerned old in Russia, especially, when they’re single. They’re unhappy about it, and everyone around them says that their “expiry date” is already over.

Luckily enough, there’re some exceptions. Young and self-confident Russian women, who live in large cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg), don’t want to marry soon. They find something more interesting in their lives.

Single Russian Brides

About 33% of real Russian girls get married at the age from 18 to 24. When they find rich grooms, they’re considered lucky and wise. Some of them don’t ever go to work, they stay at home and raise children. Some American men are happy to see their Russian wives unemployed.

Actually, it’s hard for a Russian woman to find a worthy husband. That’s because of Russia’s demographic problems, when there are about 80 men to 100 women in the country. That’s why Russian women are seeking American men: they hope that abroad they’ll be able to create a happy family.

Only Officially!

If you want to marry a Russian woman, the first thing you need to know that she only values an official marriage with a license. She needs to have a status as a wife, and when she lives together with a man she loves, she feels that she is “used” for nothing, and that life is just a waste of her time. She needs some guarantees.

So, if you want to know, whether Russian women like Americans, the answer is yes, but only the ones with serious intentions. Any Russian girl analyzes the man next to her with all her telepathic perception trying to find out how serious his intentions are.

Do you want how to find a Russian wife? It’s easy!

Not a Burden, but Happiness!

That’s the reason why Russian women are the best wives. They are raised in devotion to this paradigm and it seems to be their goal in life. Many men believe that God created Russian women for marriage.

All those responsibilities, which marriage is connected with, seem to them as happiness, but not a burden. They look at happiness as some struggle, challenge, and that differs greatly from a Western paradigm, when people believe that happiness is not a struggle, but a pleasure.

They believe that nature programmed women to become mothers and wives. That kids can only make the family happier and never cause troubles. Raising children is considered something sacred by Russian wives. They’re so fond of self-sacrifice, that they can completely forget about themselves and their needs and desires.

So, if you want to know what you’ll get if you marry a Russian woman, you can be sure that you’ll get all the possible love, care and affection, but only with a condition. Russian women are looking for love, so they’re ready to devote themselves to their husbands, if they feel love from them. If you cheat on them, or don’t love them, they’ll feel it for sure, and won’t be happy.

What Families Mean For Russians

Russian families are not just parents and their children. They’re much larger than that and include all the possible grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins. All the relatives communicate closely enough, so, if you think about marrying a Russian woman in Russia, you can marry the whole large family of hers.

Some elder relatives can easily interfere in your private life, because they totally see and respect no personal boundaries. You won’t like it, so before your marriage you should discuss the issue with your Russian bride.

If you and her won’t live in Russia, both of you will have to come to that country to take part in some birthdays and anniversaries parties. Your Russian wife’s grandmother won’t ever be able to celebrate her 88th birthday without her beloved granddaughter. If she comes to that party alone, without you, all the guests and relatives will be greatly upset. They’ll consider you a bad husband, who let his beautiful Russian wife go to her grandmother alone.

Short Tips For You

Here we’ve collected some useful tips, which will be interesting for you, if you want to marry a Russian girl.

  • Russian women are considered ideal life partners. If a girl from Russia has fallen in love with you, it means, that you’ve hit a jackpot. She’ll be a fantastic lover, a magnificent cook, a caring mother to your children, and an amazing housekeeper. Russian girls tend to do all the housekeeping on their own, without any help. They can be tired, but it’s their challenge to keep everyone in their family happy and the house clean and shining. Some of Russian women get completely exhausted and some understand that it’s not the goal in their lives and it’s time to think about themselves. Actually, they do need help, but they will never tell it to anyone. They were raised with a shame to fail and so they will never admit that they’re not perfect. So, if you want to get a Russian wife happy and beautiful, then you should appreciate her contribution into your family life. It’ll be great if you help her around the house.
  • Russian women are also great mothers. That’s another reason why so many Americans need Russian women for marriage. According to Russian traditions, men go to work and have a rest at home, so they don’t do anything around the house. And women go to work too or become housewives. They keep the house clean and the children happy. The father is less important in Russian families than the mother is. Western traditions may differ greatly here. So, if you’re lucky to have found a Russian wife, you have also found a great mother to your future kids. You won’t be very busy with them, all the troubles about children will be solved by your Russian wife. So, it’s up to you to decide: whether you want to be the same as a traditional Russian husband, who does nothing about the house, or you will make your wife’s life a bit easier while helping her.
  • No matter how devoted your Russian wife is to you and your family, when she feels that you don’t love her back, she will divorce you. Despite all the weird traditions, Russia is the country, where divorces do happen. So, you shouldn’t think that your wife will stay with your forever. A great number of Russian women are self-confident, they won’t keep any man next to them, only because he’s a man.
Russian girls make good wives and mothers


Now you know why Russian brides are supposed to be family devoted. It’s not something magical, it’s just the way Russian girls are raised from the early childhood. The men, who look for Russian women for marriage, need this information, because Russia’s culture and traditions differ from the Western ones greatly.

We hope that you’ll be happy with your Russian wife!

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