Russian women personality traits you’re bound to admire

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Russian women personality traits are one of the reasons why so many western men flock to Eastern Europe in order to find the love of their life. With the advent of the internet, it’s becoming increasingly easier to handle a long distance relationship with someone across the ocean, and this is exactly what many American, Canadian and Australian men do when they look for someone special in Russia. And Russian brides for marriage have plenty to offer indeed. Let’s have a closer look at what seem to attract those men so much.

Russian women personality traits that attract western men

Strong will and cool mind

One thing that defines the Russian woman is that she is strong minded – and she has to be, with the entire hammer blows fate has been dealing her country from time to time. Whenever fate deals planet Earth a particularly hard blow, the effect is somehow always most felt in Russia – The Napoleonic invasions; World War I, World War II – when a fairly large meteor struck the Earth some years ago, guess where it fell? That’s right, in Siberia, in Russia.

Well, that last one was a joke, but the fact is that Russia – and indeed, the Slavic nations have faced some very hard times. The men get killed off, and the women are left to run the country. In Ukraine, after World War II, there was just one man left for every ten women!

That statistic alone can show you how strong Slavic women are. Nothing short of a global conflict can even begin to faze a Russian woman. She is an ideal partner to go through life with – when things are going well, she will be the most wonderful and ideal of mates. And if things do not go too well, she’ll be right there, standing beside you; and what more could you possibly want from a life partner?

Best of all, she’ll be very emotionally controlled in a crisis – after all, she’s the daughter of generations of women who held things together in a crisis. In the sort of situation where a western woman would be yelling her head off, or panicking, or quite simply packing her bags and heading off to her mother’s (or worse, to her new boyfriend’s!), the Russian woman will not only be beside you, but keeping her cool, and helping you to keep yours, and together you will make the crisis but an unpleasant memory. This is one of the most attractive Russian women personality traits.

Russian women personality traits a western man is bound to admire

External beauty is not all

Yes, there are lots of articles about Russian and Slavic women, and they go on about how, ‘Oooohhhh, they are so beautiful, they are so sexy’. What nonsense! Yes, hot Russian women are beautiful and ‘sexy’ but a man who is impressed by that and doesn’t see beyond that is a fool. Slavic women are the ideal mates, true as steel, willing to stand beside you in good times and in bad. And that’s wonderful. And yet that’s only the beginning.

Brilliant intellect

Slavic women are also wonderfully clever and well read. And that’s the sort of woman you want to be the mother of your children. There are men who are attracted to empty-headed bimbos. What such men don’t realize is that silly women have silly children; and what man wants his own children to be less intelligent than he is.

With a Russian woman there’s no danger of this; not only is she clever herself, but there’s a whole culture of advanced education in Russia, so she’s very well educated as well. This is definitely a strong point when we talk of Russian women personality traits.

Being educated, a Slavic lady will bring the children you have together up to be wonderful human beings. Just think of that! And as you grow older, you will be surrounded by your own grown children – wonderfully elegant and educated people, people of culture – your people, all thanks to the joint efforts of yourself and their wonderful Russian mother.

Passion for reading

Books are part of the very culture of Russia. There is almost no family that doesn’t have a wonderful library. Russian families have had a reading culture for sometimes several generations, and there’s hardly an educated Russian woman who is not familiar not only with the Russian literary classics, but with the best books of most of the other countries in Europe – she will have read (in translations) the classics of Germany and France and Spain and England, to mention a few of the literary nations of Europe.

Personality traits to admire when dating Russian women

What is the advantage of this? It creates a more advanced, developed and mature personality. To read a book is to touch with the mind of its author. By that standard, a Russian woman has been influenced by some of the brightest and the best minds that the human race has ever produced, and is a better, higher and more idealistic person than almost anyone who has not has a similar education.

She is more sensitive, more loyal, and more dedicated to the person she loves than almost anyone you will meet outside the Slavic nations. It is you who will have to rise to her level, not she to yours, and this is something you will do quite naturally. She will make you feel like a knight of old, in love with his princess, and that sort of thing ennobles any man.

As you live with her, as you go through life with her, you will become a better, brighter, higher, cleverer person, and you will not only grow in mind and intellect and ideals – as she will as well, of course, but you will live a more fulfilling life than you ever could have without her by your side. Doesn’t is sound like an excellent effect of Russian women personality traits?

Willingness to have kids

Speaking of children brings us to another point – Russian women know what’s important in life. Too often, Western culture encourages women to be foolishly selfish. I’ve seen a group of young western women clustered around a television, gawking at stupid programs that purposely depicted children in the worst possible light. And then those women would turn to each other and say, ‘I’m never having children.’

The amount of foolishness illustrated here is difficult to believe. First of all, the minds of these western women were so inadequately cultured by their educations that they could be ‘programmed’ by a silly television program. Then, they also show a lot of selfishness, willing to sacrifice their own unborn children to their right to ‘live their lives.’ What will happen to the human race if every woman in the world decides that she wants to ‘live her own life’ rather than have children?

The human race will become extinct, that’s what. And yet, there’s a definite tendency among educated western women to not have children, or to put their career before having children, or to put even their youth or their travel plans before having children.

There’s none of this nonsense about Slavic women. A Russian girl is an excellent mother. She wants to have children, and she has boundless reserves of love and care to give those children, and children flower under such love and care. She is gentle with them, caring for them and guiding them without being harsh. She educates them – of course she does, since she is so educated herself. She teaches them to be well behaved and cultured. She is, in fact, and ideal mother, and one that any man would be proud to have as a wife, and the mother of his children.

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Loyalty in marriage

It’s highly unlikely a Russian woman will cheat on you once tie the knot. Slavic girls are brought up with the idea of a romantic love that happens once in a lifetime. When they find their Mr. Right, they stood by him. There is almost no chance of extramarital affairs when you’re married to a Russian woman. Needless to say, she expects the same kind of loyalty in return.

And that is what I have to say about the wonderful qualities of a Slavic girl. It goes without saying that we’ve pointed out only a few Russian women personality traits that a western man finds so attractive. You’ll discover the rest on your own, best of luck!

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