Russian women photos on dating websites: are they always true?

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It is a generally accepted fact that girls from Russia are popular with overseas men almost throughout the world. In this age of the Internet guys of different occupations, religious confessions, walk of life and nationalities from Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia keep dreaming to get to know them with the help of dating websites.

Not only pictures of female celebrities on magazine covers attract men but also Russian women photos in their online marriage agencies profiles appeal to them. Nevertheless, how far true are those bright pictures? To reply to this apparently simple question, you should look into scamming issue on dating websites.

Why do foreign men tend to choose Russian women?

Photos of attractive Russian women

Before you plunge into studying the fraudulence problem on dating platforms, you would rather realize why foreign guys are indeed often in search of exactly Russian girls and women for relationships.

When the subject of men’s conversation are ladies from Russia, the sterner sex almost always concerns the girls’ looks. Russian women easily hypnotize, fascinate, allure and mesmerize foreign fellows. Western women quite often lag behind them in beauty. It can be explained by a variety of reasons.

First of all, Russian girls pay much more attention to their daily image. Wherever they turn up, they do their best to look flawless. In quite rare circumstances, you can come across girls dressed frumpy or dingy. Russian town streets are usually filled with stylishly dressed young women leisurely strolling together with their friends or alone.

Beauty pleases the eyes only; sweetness of disposition charms the soul (Voltaire).

However, foreigners are fascinated not only by the beauty of Russian women but also by their world-famous personality traits. The list of attributes overseas men appreciate in Russian young women is quite long:

  • A cheerful disposition
  • Sense of humor
  • Dedication to traditions and family
  • The desire to be a great comfort to the husband
  • Communication ability
  • Discernment of character
  • Good nature etc.

Men sign up for dating websites in an attempt to find ladies with the qualities mentioned above. When it comes to looks, in most cases Russian women photos answer males’ expectations. As a rule, attractive girls’ personality traits don’t disappoint overseas guys as well.

Why do Russian women sign up for dating websites?

Pictures of happy Russian women

The reasons why foreign men sign up for dating platforms are overall quite clear and predictable. As for Russian girls, their wishes and purposes are comparatively much more different and complicated.

Particularly, most women dream of happy family life. Therefore, they aim at finding a future decent husband or at least at starting a serious relationship with a foreign man. Quite many Russian women hope that thanks to international online marriage agencies their dreams come true:

  • To find a faithful husband, true love, a witty boyfriend or even a demon lover
  • To make their family life full of happiness, with children and a beloved spouse
  • To leave homeland to slip into a new way of life
  • To improve their financial or social position
  • To make their career
  • To equip their children with high-end education
  • To set up business.

You as a foreign man in search of a bride or wife can also come across some gold-diggers who can hide among Russian women photos. To avoid these unpleasant encounters, you need to understand how to distinguish between real profiles and false girls’ accounts.

Scamming on dating websites

When it comes to any commercial services, each consumer fairly often run the risk of falling into deception. Internet marriage agencies are not an exception. The foreign men who are in an active search for a woman for relationships occasionally hold the sack without suspecting a female member of fraud quite long.

Scam: what does it mean?

After a man signs up for a dating website, he risks being a potential victim of fraud. Particularly, scamming means some web-activities used by dishonest women to finally make a guy be ready to fulfill any wish or request of theirs. Such girls usually net for well-off, deep-pocketed and generous foreign men.

Patterns of scamming

Pictures used by Russian scammers

There is a variety of ways used by gold-diggers on dating sites to swindle a foreign man out of money. However, the very first step is always the creation of a proper profile. Instead of their own photos, they put other girls’ pics that they found on the Internet and successfully managed to copy them.

The images can belong to unknown but rather attractive young women. Such cases when pics of celebrities are used quite rarely come about. Therefore, if in the photo you see a hot, slim, stylishly dressed girl with expensive make-up and a big smile, you shouldn’t rush into thinking that you’ve already met your dream woman.

Experts’ advice: men signed up for dating websites should be careful while contacting female members with photos in which girls look like fashion models.

Scammers tend to start sending letters first. Their messages, as a rule, are filled with stories about their difficult life, full of problems and troubles. At the same time, they are lavish with praise. Their male victims will be overwhelmed with a profusion of compliment.

Women as gold diggers

Fake girls start writing about their deep affection for a man already in the first 2–3 letters. Every mew message is increasingly getting rich in emotions, sensuality, and passion. Any dishonest woman uses different ways to coax foreign men out of their money. She usually asks the guy she keeps in touch on the dating website the following things:

  • To pay the services she uses for communication with him such as sending gifts, the Internet, video chat, and the like
  • To transfer a whole lot of money into her personal account to solve her financial problems: bank debts, housing rental, payment for one of her relatives’ treatment
  • To arrange her trip to his country financially for face-to-face interaction.

As a rule, those women who have managed to succeed in their pursuit of money and received the desired sum all of a sudden vanish and never appear on the site again.

Some tips on how to avoid scammers

Although Russian women photos even on much-hyped dating sites can be fake, most of them are real. In fact, overseas guys shouldn’t get too much scared of a scam on Internet marriage agencies. Men would better be just cautious and follow some common rules and advice.

  • Do not be hasty in striking up an acquaintance
  • Look into women’s profiles
  • Pay more attention to their information about her interests than to pictures
  • Ignore any requests especially those that concern money transmission or sharing personal contacts
  • Be vigilant against possible scammers and trust only verified women’s accounts as well as photos
  • If you feel anything suspicious in the woman’s behavior, just ban her or if necessary contact the user support service.

While chatting with a woman, any man should become alert if he does not get replies to his questions and has to keep reading her long monologs about her financial problems, troubles at home or her desire to come to his place but with his financial support.

Reliable dating websites

Russian women photos on dating platforms

The right choice of an online platform will also help to avoid encountering the scamming cases. The amount of international and local dating websites is constantly growing. There is hardly a specialist who can say precisely how many such platforms are available on the Internet at present.

However, if you are safety conscious, you definitely need to know how to distinguish between a reliable platform and a suspicious website. The latter stands out from the former for the following characteristics:

  • Each new member goes through fairly strict verification
  • The website provides a variety of both paid and free of charge services: video calls and chats, a contemporary user-friendly interface, partners matching system developed by seasoned specialists etc.
  • Photos need to be approved by moderators
  • The number of users is quite large, and most of them at least not less than 80% are active in communication
  • Higher percentage of positive testimonials on third party websites
  • Anti-scam policy
  • Different ways of payment for services
  • The contacts of the website administration are available.


To sum up the ideas, advice, warning, and rules mentioned above, men can make some important conclusions. Russian women photos can tell you much about ladies. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind that the risk of coming across a scam on a dating website is quite obvious.

Yet men shouldn’t be too careful and excessively distrustful. It is really important to feel safe and be vigilant against fraud, whereas you shouldn’t focus on a possible scam. You would rather be more active in your search and take initiative.

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