Russian Women Scams: a Brief Guide

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If you wish to get a Slavic wife via an online marriage agency, keep your eyes open not to be left to hold the sack with Russian women scams. Almost every day a few cases happen and there is nothing to be done to help the victims. The only way to avoid this issue is to be attentive and well-informed. So what scamming schemes are usually used and what points to take into consideration when choosing a dating platform, let’s see.

What is a Scam?

Online Scam: what is it?

Russian girls being appreciated as wives all over the world, citizens of different countries are looking forward to getting acquainted and marrying them. What is the most popular helper here? Just right, an international agency or a dating web-site. Frankly speaking, such a fame makes a sphere quite money-making and that is why there may be met a lot of scams and troubles.

Online scam means a series of web-activities, accomplished by a person, in order to hook your money. When dating online people cannot tell for sure who is on the other side of the screen. It may be a man, a woman and a group of criminals as well. No matter who exactly hides under a photo of a perfect nearly-nude Russian girl, a key note is that you could be nicely left.

Scammers got used to take other women’s photos, Russian, Ukrainian, even Western European and what not. They may buy pictures for profiles at photo stocks or just copy them from any Internet resource. As a rule, a person depicted knows nothing about such-like fraud.

Russian Women Scams: General Patterns

Those who create Russian Women scam patterns know psychology pretty well. They organize the series of fraudulent actions in a thorough way with the aim to make a mash on a man and give him a sense of purpose. If a person knows nothing about scamming he wouldn’t ever feel suspicious when communicating with a false “girl”.

General Scheme of Scams

There are plenty of detailed scenarios created by scammers, mostly emotional or drawing to tears. A general scheme is the one.

  1. Someone makes a profile at online dating service, put a photo of a magnificent girl and give some catchy information to intrigue or evoke men’s sympathy.
  2. “She” (let put the word in quotation marks, because we don’t know who it really is) usually writes to a future victim first, communicates for a little and then starts expressing her great feeling in an increasing way.
  3. After a while “she” may vanish and then get back and tell some asking-for-money story, expressing her hope for immediate help or meeting.
  4. Willing to help a person sends a necessary sum, and a girl disappears, completely this time. In fact, money is asked to transfer with the system, impossible to get them back or to define the exact scammer’s location.

The main point you should remember here is if you are asked for money, just stop these relations immediately even the situation seeming to be quite truthful. Save your budget, time and nerves.

Patterns of Russian Women Scams

You should become alert if a Russian girl begins expressing her love after the first 2-5 letters. She may tell about sympathy from the first sight, about some miracle that she has found you after a great amount of trials and all this stuff.

Reliable women wishing to have a good family never behave in such a way. They usually communicate for quite a long period to form a particular opinion about a candidate for a future husband. It stands to reason that very rarely marvels occur, but in this case a Russian lady wouldn’t ask you for money. It may be a real date on her territory or something of this kind.

Russian Women Scams are Tearful

The scamming stories vary but they always concern the following spheres:

  • Processing papers (visas, passports for travel abroad, tickets, trip insurance)
  • Family troubles (children or parents’ illnesses or even death, auto accidents, housing rent)
  • Financial problems (bank debts, loan delinquencies, mortgage)
  • Fees, concerning marriage agencies, internet providers, translation agency and other stuff helping to communicate with a man
  • Gifts (especially expensive items for her or her family, asserting a man’s love)

Russian scammers are sure to be quite professional in different aspects. And it is very hard for a common foreign man to understand that he is communicating with a cynical, manipulative criminal but not with a pretty-looking Russian girl from the photo.

Scam Detector: Warning Signs

As you know, online international dating agencies have a great amount of Russian ladies’ profiles. Be prepared that only 2-3 in 10 communication inquiries, given by you, will be responded. So the main warning signal of scamming is that a Slavic cutie-hotie writes to you first.

“Curiosity pulls people into the scam.” Frank Stallone

From this very moment you have two ways of secure behaving – stop communicating with her at once or continue chatting watching some other scamming stop signals. They may be the following.

  • Every letter contains her photos, more and more provocative and tempting every time.
  • Presented photo files are entitled with numbers, strange names or surnames, or love confession phrases.
  • Her style of writing varies (different fonts, different skills of writing in English, different names in letter endings).
  • She is constantly telling how reliable and faithful she is.
  • In a couple of letters she begins expressing her strong feeling, calling a man a loving husband, imagining future family life.
  • She is writing long but blurry texts, rarely answering a man’s questions but as if leading her own monologue during a series of letters.
  • She expresses her desire to arrive at a man’s place, organizing everything by herself but asking to send her sums of money for this stuff.

If you face these issues up, just give feedback to the agency support team or stop communication with the person completely.

Online Dating Agency as a whole Scam System

Apart from individual scams a whole fraudulent agency scheme exists. A group of criminals organizes it, investing a small sum of money in a chip site and female casting. They use naïve girls, not mature enough, wishing to go abroad any way. The other idea is to use not real people but only pictures from the Web and letters set in advance according to all the psychological rules, trying to sweep a man off his feet in a girl’s love.

Such-like agencies have a full range of services, including letter translating, gift delivery, papers processing and what not. Every supporting operation must be paid for. The usage of outsourced companies is completely forbidden.

Are all Dating Agencies Scams?

To this case PPL-agencies may be referred. PPL means “paying per letter” and this scenario is sure to be a real scam when a male has to waste money for every step in communicating with a Russian girl.

Stay Safe: a Few Rules how to Avoid Russian Women Scams

So after reading all the information you may decide that dating Russian ladies online is not an easy matter, and what is more it is even wallet-busting and dangerous. Nothing of the kind! The only thing you must remember is that YOU SHOULD NOT SEND MONEY TO A PERSON you haven’t met in reality. This point is sure to protect you at the possibly highest level.

Besides, if keeping the following rules you are certain to date a real beautiful Russian woman, have a good time and even get happiness in the marriage.

  1. When choosing a dating web-platform, check a site visual design and layout. There must be a full physical address, various contacts, a support team and large-volume information concerning the agency policy, refund, user’s rights and duties.
  2. A great amount of only model-looking profile photos, even nude or half-nude, is a characteristic of a scam. Keep away from sources alike. As a rule, a trust-worthy agency presents women of 18 to even 50, of different appearance and interests.
  3. Do not deal with services, completely hiding the girls’ contacts and making unavailable the outside communication and outside help as well (such as meet organization, translation, etc).

A Quick Recap

Looking through a brief guide concerning Russian women scams you seem to be protected better from online dating frauds. The Internet gives a wonderful possibility of getting acquainted with nice, interesting people of other nationalities. Keep in mind that international marriages may be happy and long-lasting.

If you wish to marry an amazing Russian girl, use legitimate web-sites or agencies, be attentive in communicating and do not go mad with half-nude hoties. The girls easy in their morals usually look for other values.

Scam Photos to Seduce Anyone

And let’s repeat for the nth time – DO NOT SEND MONEY TO AN UNFAMILIAR PERSON! Forewarned is forearmed, you know.

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