Terms & Privacy

These terms define, list, and describe the juridical and other relations between the site and our users or contributors.
Our users are: readers, clients, customers, and other audience that has access to all our materials published within the content of this site.
Our contributors are: authors, consultants, experts, bloggers, sponsors, and anyone who is willing to participate in our important mission.

Terms for users

Our users agree and accept, that we produce, edit, and post all materials at our own discretion, without asking for advice, allowance, or approval from the audience.

The length, topic, and other parameters of materials are chosen by us out of concern for our audience’s better success in dating and marriage.
All examples, samples, quotes, names, real-life stories, testimonies, and other accompanying materials are completely illustrative and shouldn’t be perceived personally.

If our advice, recommendation, or consultation is misinterpreted and misused, the user bears all responsibility for that and doesn’t press any charges.

All suggestions, offers, corrections and objections if any, should be sent through the Contact us form or by other means listed by us.

Terms for contributors

Authors should be aware that we mostly publish and promote only texts provided by our own team of experts, but there are exceptions too.
In case if a person considers himself a dating expert, he or she should provide certificates, samples of articles, and other proofs. If we like and approve what he provides, we can either order a text on a certain topic from him or accept materials that are unique and haven’t been published anywhere else.

All these issues and steps should be discussed via email or by other means listed on our site.
The reward, compensation, discount, or a direct payment is discussed separately and cannot be claimed in a ultimate form.
A person or organization who is willing to become our stable sponsor or make a one-time donation, is welcomed to contact us in the same way.
We do not meet people offline for giving a personal consultation.

We do not provide dating services such as finding a partner for someone or helping our users to sign up for dating sites. Our services are strictly of an informational character.


Both our users and our contributors are aware that all materials published on this site, are protected by the copyright law and other accompanying laws, local or international.

Since all articles we publish, are protected by copyright, we cannot change, edit, modify, partially or completely delete them on demand.
It is not allowed to copy, print, share, re-publish, sell, or re-own our materials in any way.

Our contributors, meaning new authors, can be reassured that their materials will be completely protected by the copyright too. We do not misuse, modify, steal, or sell materials elsewhere. Our cooperation with the authors is based on professional loyalty, trust, and all existing laws connected with copyright.

In case if breaking the rules is noticed by one of our users or contributors, he is highly encouraged to contact and inform us.