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There is a score of reasons why foreign men, particularly, from Western countries have often a dream to find a Russian wife. Women from that enigmatic and vast country are worldwide renowned for easy disposition, natural beauty and their commitment to traditional family values.

Therefore, millions of overseas good plain fellows, refined intellectuals as well as well-off gentlemen are fixed upon the quest for wives from Russia. At present, due to the Internet and a huge array of travel options, foreign guys can find far more helpful ways to get their dreams to come true than there used to be some decades ago.

The very first step on the way to the success

These days, it is really difficult to imagine how humans used to live without the Internet. Thanks to the world network, contemporary people’s life in a variety of areas has become much easier. Through the Internet, you can buy design goods, book hotel rooms and airline tickets, order meals to get delivered to your place, and a host of other things.

The world network will also help you to accelerate your search for a Russian wife and succeed in it. Therefore, the very first step for you is to pick out a reliable Russian or international mail-order bride website available and sign up for it.

Why online dating can result in success?

Future wives on Russian dating sites

While choosing a dating website, make sure that the platform you have found is one of legitimate online portals. Some simple criteria distinguish them as reliable:

  • Thousands of users; some websites have over one million and much more members;
  • Professionally elaborated high-end scheme of fraud protection
  • Verification of female members’ accounts
  • The variety of options to communicate, starting with chatting on the site or swapping emails and finishing with the connection through Skype or video
  • Activity of users of both genders.

Due to the above-mentioned criteria, online dating sites have become extremely popular since they ensure safety and give a wide choice of opportunities to find a Russian wife.

Advice: To avoid scams, you as an online dating website’s user should look into women’s profiles and communicate with a girl you liked in different ways before getting into any relationships.

If your aim is to start a relationship, mail-order bride platforms will definitely help you to be successful in that. What is required from you is just active behavior on a website.

How to look for a future wife online?

The ways used by male members of dating sites to attract women’s attention are quite various. Yet the number of men on mail-order bride platforms is fairly formidable. Therefore, you need to be notable for your behavior otherwise you run the risk of getting lost among dozens of similar overseas guys:

  • Try to avoid asking trivial questions about the woman’s enthusiasms, hobbies or close relatives without your sincere interest in hearing her replies
  • Be ready to open up yourself whether it concerns your life pattern or unhealthy habits
  • Astonish the woman with your unpredictable but pleasant for her behavior, for instance, sending virtual gifts, audio files with your favorite music or telling exciting stories about your trips, customs in your native country or your achievements at work but do not overdo and overpraise yourself.

Advice: Try to be considerate, thoughtful and polite while chatting with a woman online. Remember that suspicious behavior, moody character or excessive curiosity can scare away the girl from communicating with you.

The reasons why women choose online dating

While being in the quest for a Russian wife, you should aware of the reasons why quite many Russian girls sign up for mail-order bride platforms. It will doubtlessly help you not to waste time and focus only on those female profiles that correspond to your desires, expectations, and dreams.

To distinguish gold-diggers among users is easy enough since their interests always concern, in particular, money. They most commonly keep talking about financial matters and troubles. Since you are willing to find a Russian wife, your target should be some other types of women:

  • They also focus their search on a potential husband
  • Such women don’t hide their problems but they concern first of all their family status, children, confidence in future, and other spiritual things
  • Such girls dream of a husband they can rely on
  • Women are not looking for an ideal man; they just try to meet a guy who will give them safety and support.

Some women feel disappointed with Russian men so they try to find a decent husband abroad. In fact, most ladies in Russia are far from leaving their motherland for prosperous Europe or North America. Therefore, if you really want your future wife to agree to live in your country, you should prove what privileges as well as advantages expect her in that case.

Your steps to offline dating

Future wives from Russia in real life

After you have succeeded in your search and feel the woman you have found is right for you as a potential wife, you need to focus on the next steps. In particular, you are both ready to meet offline. Therefore, your next aim should be the arrangement of a date in real life.

This target coincides with the objectives of those guys who would on principle rather get acquainted not on the Internet but offline. They tend to arrange a trip, particularly, to Saint-Petersburg, Moscow or any other major Russian city. Therefore, you need to follow the example of them.

While being in Russia you have a different array of opportunities and options to have a date with the woman you have already communicated on a website or unfamiliar girls you can meet up with in a variety of public places.

Nightclubs and bars

Future Russian wives at nightclubs

These days, cities in Russia are filled with high-end nightclubs as well as bars where attractive young women and girls spend their spare time. These places are quite appropriate to have a date with your girl or to meet your future wife or at least a soulmate.

If you are keen on contemporary techno, trance or house music, you can come across ladies who share your tastes and interests. Why not to start a conversation at a bar counter. Mutual interest in popular styles of contemporary music can be the initial subject to talk about.

Afterward, a lot depends on your ability to draw the woman’s attention. The list of nightclubs and bars sufficient to find a girl to get into relationships is quite long. The best-known and well-proven are the following:

  • Moscow: “Fast Life”, “Incognito”, “Happiness”
  • Saint-Petersburg: “Poison”, “Zodiac”, “Ross’s”, ‘Laboratory 31”, “Piter-Flirt”
  • Ekaterinburg: “Degrees”, “Chili”, “Our People”, “Ben Hall”
  • Novosibirsk: “Havana”, “Raisin”, “QOOB”, “Trumpet”.

Keep in mind that you should plan your visit to clubs and bars beforehand. Some clubs, for instance, “Fast Life” or “Piter-Flirt” have special parties like “English Speed Dating” when everybody speaks English and overseas lads are greeted with fervor.

Foreign guys have some advantages over women. For example, even those men who are over 50 are welcomed at bars and nightclubs. Upend such stereotypes as the clubs are not appropriate places for serious acquaintances. These days, they have turned into spots not only for entertainment but also for socializing.

Festivals and holidays

Future Russian wives at festivals

Russia is rich in national, religious and official holidays. Especially popular with different social classes are the following:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Victory Day
  • Pancake Week
  • International Women’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Day.

If you are in Russia, you should participate in festivities, fun-fairs, ceremonies, festivals, and other events arranged on these days. It will definitely help you to understand Russian traditions and culture and to come to know local women a lot better.

Even if you arrived in Russia to continue your socializing with a girl familiar to you due to a dating website, such experience will only make your relationships a lot richer and deeper.


A Russian wife is easy to find while traveling

Russia is famous for its vast territory. There are a lot of opportunities to travel around that tremendously huge country to get acquainted with Russian women or to know far better your female soulmate you got to know on a dating website.

What exact place to choose, it depends on your aims, interests, and preferences. You can go to a provincial town to find a Russian wife committed to old traditions and family values. Active girls are frequent visitors to ski resorts in winter or to sports clubs throughout a year.

Holidaymakers who indulge in getting a tan, swimming in a sea, practicing scuba diving or windsurfing occupy beaches and coasts of resorts. The most sought-after places of this kind are such cities as:

  • Sochi
  • Yalta
  • Gelendzhik
  • Tuapse
  • Sudak
  • Anapa.

Seasoned womanizers advise to stay at hostels since due to that, you will get a lot more opportunities for socializing with the fair sex. While traveling around Russia you will have to overcome only one drawback – a language barrier. Therefore, you need to practice to speak Russian beforehand to avoid misunderstanding or unpleasant situations.


Nowadays foreign men face a great number of ways to find a Russian wife. Which of them you will choose, it always depends on you. Whatever you pick out, the happy ending will be a marriage if you are active in your search, patient, and persistent in your intentions.

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