Tips on getting Russian women: quick and slow ways

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If you decide to act like a real pickup artist, you should bear in mind that there are different kinds of Russian women. Your first step is to understand how to come up to her and start a typical friendly conversation. Keep in head that some of the Russian girl will be quite approachable and some will be constantly saying “No” to you. Don’t get the blues and remember that only those who reject you at first will be the best wives and mothers in the future. Following some simple rules, will help you to find a Russian wife. You’re the hunter, and she is the victim after all. Try to be persistent in any case, but don’t go too far not to become a creepy guy.

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Quick ways of getting Russian Ladies

It would be better to start with the quick ways because almost every foreign man is looking for a quick contact with a Russian woman. It’s not that easy to make an impression on Russian women, especially if they already have some experience in relationships. It doesn’t matter if she’s had some relationships with Western men or Russian ones. She will probably act negatively.

Be persistent

Russian girls themselves admit that only persistent men can have a chance of building strong relationships with them. You should never think that your behavior is strange or something like that. Be always sure that everything goes according to your plan even if you don’t have one. Carry on despite being rejected and then you’ll see how a Russian beauty gets involved into a conversation with you. She will definitely share her number and you will be able to ask her out.

Be sincere

It sounds easy, but a lot of men forget that part when they come up to a Russian lady. You shouldn’t try to use different pick up lines and tricks because it will never work out. Russian women are sensitive when it comes to falseness and insincerity.

If you are not honest with a Russian woman, you won’t be able to ask her out. Don’t hesitate to tell her compliments about the way she looks if you really like her hair or the way she dresses. Never think that your compliment will be inappropriate if you’re sure in your own words. You should pass this sincerity and energy to a girl. It will be possible only in case if you actually like her.

Be confident

Russian women are looking for strong and confident men like nobody else does. They really lack confidence and want to fill that gap with their future husband. Moreover, they want to marry a man who loves and protects them. If you can’t create this feeling of safety, she will definitely feel that and slip away from you. They’re looking for a pragmatic man, but you shouldn’t be too realistic, otherwise you’ll soon bore her.

They don’t care about the way you’re going to achieve your goals. They want to see the results from their men. If you’re on the right way, they’ll do anything to support you.

This personality trait will help you to get Russian women quite quickly. Be sure that you’re confident enough not to stumble while speaking to the young lady.

Russian babes' feelings

Don’t try to “buy” a Russian woman

Don’t even try to buy a Russian lady by inviting her to the restaurant or a luxurious shop. Russian woman will never tell you directly that they don’t like it, but be sure that they’ll consider it like you have nothing to show them. You shouldn’t brag about the amount of money you have. At least you shouldn’t do that on your first date or during your first conversation. Russian girls won’t be impressed with money and other material and financial stuff.

If you want to build a meaningful relationship with a Russian beauty, it will be better to become more romantic and unpredictable. Any man can buy her an expensive gift, but not anybody will be able to surprise her immediately during your first meeting.

These tips are helpful if you want to get a Russian girl as quickly as possible. Though you should keep in mind that it will be much better if you show some strategic thinking while trying to win her trust. In this case you will be able to act more carefully. You can also enjoy chatting with her because you will definitely spend a lot of time together. It will allow you to realize if you really want to be with this girl.

Slow ways of getting Russian Ladies

These ways are slow but effective. They will help you to create a really strong relationship with a Russian girl that you really like. In this case, you shouldn’t rush her with the decision to do something. You should be friendly and act as a friend at first, but don’t go too far or you will find yourself in her friend zone.

Listen to the stories that she tells you

It may be a bit boring, but once you do that, it will help you find that level of comfortable chatting with her. It will also allow you to peer into her soul. If you see a smile on her face when she’s talking to you, it means that you’re doing well, and she really likes you.

All those stories about her friend and relatives will eventually lead to a deeper understanding between you. Actually, this factor may be the most important one when you’re going to build a long-lasting relationship with a Russian woman.

You can just sit with her and talk for hours over a cup of tea. Don’t forget that Russian women are really emotional and it’s very important for them that their future husband should be well-balanced and stable. You should be the one who supports her if you’re looking for something more than just a random hookup.

Gorgeous Russian girls

Don’t be arrogant

Many men tend to mix the terms of being arrogant and persistent. Don’t act like you’re the center of the world because it will only frighten a Russian woman. You should respect the traditions of her country. There may be some family traditions as well. So, you shouldn’t break into her life with your laws. If you act carefully enough, you’ll be able to establish your laws a bit later.

If you try to criticize her country, you’ll probably meet some kind of resistance. She can criticize her country, but she will defend it if anybody tries to do the same.

Help her to adapt

If you’re the first Western man in her life, then she’s likely to become quite shy when you’re around. Don’t be scared of that and consider it as a normal fact. In this case, you should try to help her to adapt, especially if you’re living in your native country.

Russian women aren’t that great in language learning. Of course, those who come from big cities are much better at languages. Take into account that fact and help your Russian woman with her studies. It will also allow you to spend more time together.

If you live in your native town for a short period of time, it is high time to show her around. She should be able to move freely. Russian women don’t like when they have to ask about everything every second. It annoys them. They may be dependable, but they’re self-sufficient enough to move around the block.

Do some housework for her

Russian women don’t like to sit around doing nothing. They might be used to do all the housework, but they will never reject your help, especially you’re really willing to do it. Wash some dishes or take the garbage out and your future Russian wife will surely notice that.

Doing so, you will prove that you’re a great candidate for a future husband. From this moment, she will always be aware that she may expect some help around her housework from you.

Help her parents and grandparents

The word ”family” means a lot for a Russian woman. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship with her, helping her parents or grandparents will be a good start. Take into the account that the majority of parents and grandparents of Russian girls come from USSR. It means that they become quite suspicious when it comes to talking to a foreign stranger who wants to take their daughter or granddaughter away.

They will definitely appreciate the following things:

  • digging vegetable patches;
  • chopping woods;
  • feeding domestic animals;
  • going somewhere as a whole family.

Notice the fact that a lot of grandparents of Russian girls live in small villages. Your manpower will come in handy there as they’re too old to do some stuff around the house.

Be a part of her family

You should do everything to become a member of her family. Only this thing will help you to become a good husband for her in the future. Russian wives appreciate those who are always ready to help. They’re really feminine, and they need men’s support. You should never say that you’re not going to do something just because you’re doing it not for yourself or for her but for some other members of her family.

You should really consider using the slow ways of getting Russian women. It will help you to marry her and create a happy family, not just a random meeting or hookup.

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