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If you think that joining a Russian dating site is a sure way to get a loving, caring and charming Slavic wife, it’s only partially so. There are lots of pitfalls you should know about. Dealing with scammers is one of them. If you’re new to the whole online dating thing, it’s hard to make out whether you talk to a real person or it’s a scammer tries to take advantage of you and separate you from your hard earned dollars. But how to find a real Russian bride?

And you obviously don’t want to end up with a heartbreak on a dating site – you’ve already experienced quite a lot of that stuff in real life. You’re there to improve your love life, not to make it even more disastrous. So how one would make out whether it’s a real Russian girl or a fraudster trying to trick you? Well, there are several things you should take into account when dating online.

Don’t develop emotional connections too quickly

Find a real Russian bride for a long term relationship and marriage

No matter how perfect everything seems to be, it’s not recommended to develop emotional connections with women you’ve just met on the internet. It takes time and effort from the two of you to build up something really special. If a girl sends you long letters full of sensual descriptions, sweet worlds of love and irresistible promises, most probably she’s a scammer.

No one falls in love with someone they haven’t even met in real life after a couple of letters on a dating site. People who’ve recently gone through a gainful breakup are especially susceptible to this sort of stuff, and scammers know about it. They will try to make use of your emotional vulnerability only to come up with a money request when they feel you’re hooked. Try to get to know a person a bit better before jumping into this “love” boat.

Exchange letters, express your thoughts, ask a lot of questions, and make audio and video calls. You should make sure you’re dating a genuine person and her intentions are honourable and genuine. If everything works out, you won’t have to ask how to find a real Russian bride anymore.

Don’t go for revealing profile photos

Russian women are exceedingly good-looking, there is o doubt about it. That’s why so many men from all over the globe join international dating sites to start with. They do make their looks a priority, and you’ll see lots of attractive Slavic ladies on any reputable dating website. They wear alluring outfits and bright makeup, but they are never vulgar or too explicit.

If you see lots of attractive Russian girls in bikinis and lingerie’s taking seductive poses, most probably the site is not reliable and you should start your searches somewhere else. A real Russian bride will know her limits and will never compromise herself with photos like that.

Don’t reply messages sent by bots

If you’ve just joined a dating site and your mailbox is already full of messages from the most attractive women you have ever seen, it’s just too good to be true, right? Indeed, it is. These short messages are sent by bots – special extensions to a computer program that sends generic messages to members of a site. If you reply one of them, a real person may take over the conversation, but it doesn’t mean it will be the girl you see on the profile photo. It could be anyone – from a fat and bald 50-year old man to a college student who wants to “earn” some extra money by scamming you.

Ask her to talk to you on Skype

Genuine dating sites with real Russian brides for love, romance and marriage

If everything goes well between you and a girl, but you still have some doubts deeply inside your soul, it’s recommended to invite her for a Skype date. If she’s genuinely interested in having a romantic relationship with you, there is no reason why she wouldn’t agree. Taking by Skype is a very romantic thing to do when dating someone online – it almost feels like asking someone out in person.

However if your girlfriend keeps making excuses about appearing in front of the camera, it’s definitely a warning signal. In the world of today, video calls are a wonderful option of keeping in touch with people one cares for, and using it is as simple as pie. If a “girl” keeps hiding her face, you’d better start searching for someone less shy and more sincere.

Never send money to a woman you haven’t met face to face

Generally speaking, the rule is simple – you’re not supposed to send money to anyone you haven’t met in real life. Even if her story sounds very genuine, you shouldn’t offer any financial assistance. Present day Russia is not such a desperate place like it was after the Soviet Union broke to pieces. No one lives in an absolute poverty, unless it’s their personal choice.

If a girl ask for money in order to buy air tickets and meet you in your home country, it’s recommended to send her tickets instead. If she sends you a picture of her visa and asks for a certain amount of money in order to handle some “legalities”, don’t do that. It’s especially suspicious if a woman doesn’t give you her bank account information and asks to transfer the money over Western Union or MoneyGram instead.

Where and how to find a real Russian bride?

That said, you shouldn’t get easily disheartened when looking for a Slavic soul mate. There are plenty of Russian scammers on dating websites, but there are also real women searching for love and marriage abroad. And they do outnumber the fraudsters, so you have all the chances of meeting someone sincere and genuine. Make use of the following tips when looking for a bride in Russia:

Go for reputable sites with a paid membership

Russian brides looking for a decent partner on dating websites

International dating sites with a paid membership offer a great deal of advantages compared to similar free platforms. Elaborate verification process is one of them. All the submitted profiles are carefully checked, and members are expected to provide copies of documents as identity proof. Besides, you can always contact a website’s support system and ask them to help you out in a difficult situation.

The chances of finding yourself in the middle of a scam are negligible on such sites. Women are really interested in finding love and romance abroad, and you have all the chances to meet a genuine woman to start a relationship with. Just like you ask yourself, where to find a real Russian bride, they ask themselves where to find a real western man.

Use a search tool

After you’ve registered on a dating site, it’s time to start your searches. Needless to say, you can simply wait when women start contacting you on their own accord. However, if this approach doesn’t prove to be effective after a couple of weeks, you’d better start searching on your own. Use the search tool in order to filter out the options you find unacceptable.

For example, if you don’t wish your girlfriend to smoke, you can specify these criteria when making a search, and you won’t have to waste your time on smoking girls’ profiles. If you don’t want to date divorces women, simply tick this option off. And so on.

Make sure to make it as real as possible

If you’re determined to find out how to find a real Russian bride, the key is to make your online dating experience as real as possible. Don’t limit yourself to writing a mail once a week. Send her sweet messages a few times a day just to let her know you think of her. Wish her good night and good morning.

Watch the same movies and read the same books, and then have a lovely discussion about things you enjoyed or, on the contrary, resented. Make audio and video calls. Send her gifts and flowers. Generally speaking, you’re expected to become an important part of her life. This way she’ll already be in love when you meet face to face. Make sure to inquire about her family – Slavic girls are very close with her parents (especially mothers), brothers and sisters.

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These were only a few recommendations on how to find a real Russian bride and avoid scammers. Dating a Slavic lady is a very rewarding and exciting experience, and you shouldn’t refuse your chance for living happily ever after because of mean fraudsters on free sites. All the best in your searches!

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