What are Russian Women like in Bed?

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What are Russian women like in bed? Are they cold and reserved or hot and sensual? What to do to satisfy a Slavic lady thoroughly? All these questions are frequently asked by men all over the world wishing to marry girls from the RF and post-Soviet territory. Of course, everything depends on their psychology and outer conditions around. The issue is quite exciting.

“The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life.” Sigmund Freud

Russian Females are Perfect

Russian Women: Some Words about Character

It goes without saying that Russian women are admired and respected in most of countries. Firstly, it is their beauty that mesmerizes everyone. Secondly, it is their character. These two factors run into one another, presenting some kind of a magnet for American, European and Asian men as well.

Beautiful looks of Slavic females are always explained by genetics phenomenon and constant thorough self-care. Besides, an emphatic femininity is sure to set off them among all the other Caucasians.

As for Russian woman character, it may be considered quite complicated and hard to understand. But this so-called stereotype has nothing in common with the reality. Ladies’ characters depend on national traditions and the whole atmosphere, surrounding them (parents and their relations, education and whatnot). And a key moment in understanding your partner is to trust each other and discuss as much as possible.

In terms of marital relations foreigners praise Russian women for being:

  • Traditional
  • Family-oriented
  • Skillful in running household
  • Ready to help and support
  • Open-hearted
  • Smart
  • Emotional

And one more side of family life must be taken into consideration, closer, sexual one. In this matter Russian ladies are also perfect.

What are Russian Women like in Bed?

In fact, Russian girls may be of different temperaments, preferring one or another degree of activity. It is said to depend on sexual education, psychological state, self-development and even the surroundings. Being of traditional mindset they suppose a man to be a leader in bed, mostly. Of course, role games happen to be, and various scenarios are possible. But it may continue for some period, not all the time.

Frankly speaking, sexual relations are not a first-priority point for a Russian lady. She won’t agree to have a quicky with an unfamiliar man. There should be a long process of communicating and courting before the bed. That is why sex is not a topic for the first message or even date. Before having a night together a Russian woman must become confident in her partner, in his serious approach and strong feelings towards her.

Her Way of Behavior

Sex for a Slavic female is not only a physical need, but some kind of soulful togetherness. She pays much attention to a man’s appearance and surrounding conditions. If she really loves a person, she will do her best to satisfy him.

Exciting and Unpredictable in Bed

Another interesting point in Russian woman’s behavior is her unpredictability. She may ask a man any question concerning a sexual topic but don’t like to discuss her orgasms or even female faking in general. She will not be boring or monotonous at all, and the same can be required from the partner.

In general, in bed Russian females are quite hot and sensual, exciting and sexy, often needing relaxation and mutual respect.

Her Preferences

Of course, Russian ladies like sex in a variety of ways. They lean to traditional variations, but new experience is also possible.

They prefer:

  • Romantic scenes before sex
  • Intimate kisses
  • Prolonged caressing and foreplay
  • A comfortable diversity of places and poses
  • Bright emotions and fantasies

Different temperaments may influence sexual desires. But one of the main issues is that a Russian girl likes romance and some preparation background very much.

Her Dislikes

It stands to reason that there are things out-of-tolerance in bed, in a lady’s opinion. Russian females don’t like if:

  • A partner is as silent as a grave. (Women are said to love with the ears, so a few tender words during sex are strongly recommended).

“For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.” Isabel Allende

  • A partner is as fast as a cheetah. (Russian cuties enjoy the process of sex, but not a quick “dick and duck”).
  • A partner is as dirty as a pig. (Girls being all sexy and well-cared require the same approach from the beloved).

If you don’t ignore this matter, you are sure to keep your future Russian wife happy in bed. Reading all the tips and pieces of advice you’ll be able to understand women’s desires more clearly.

Pros and Cons of Russian Women in Bed

It is no secret that men looking for Russian brides are sure to imagine sexual scenes involving their future partners. Those dreams may be common or full of experiments as well, some of them may be realized and the others would be left in mind. Everything depends on temperaments and partners’ abilities of discussing their desires.

Wishing a Russian Girl?

Wishing hot Russian ladies remember that these sexual relations may both give much pleasure and disappoint you as well. The advantages of getting a Slavic woman in bed are the following.

  • They are beautiful and sexy. It is their femininity that helps to create such an image.
  • They love this process very much, enjoy it and assist their partners to get pleasure as well.
  • They like to experiment, choose new roles, positions and whatnot. You won’t be bored.
  • They prefer a man to be a leader in bed.

As you can see, it’s a fine complex of “manners” to provide a happy sexual life.

And what’s about shortcomings? Are there any to keep in one’s mind? Yes, they are, not numerous but worth mentioning.

  • They are quite shy to express their own desires or to speak freely about their own sexual preferences.
  • They may seem too passive, giving the upper hand to male partners.
  • They need intermutual satisfaction.

Anyway, this is not a large problem. It may be easy to solve it during prolonged relations when two partners start understanding each other better.

Tips on how to be Successful with a Russian Woman in Bed

Russian Women sexual energy seems to be hidden, and to discover it you are to make some special steps.

  1. Be neat and washed-up, well-dressed and well-brushed. Get a sexy look, mesmerizing your girl.
  2. Surround her with a romantic atmosphere. Make a light dinner with some suggestive recipes (strawberries with cream or seafood). Tell her flattering compliments, hold her hand and communicate looking into her eyes.
  3. Be a leader; make her feel your determination. But the domination should not be aggressive.
  4. Discuss fantasies and desires you have, but be ready that not all of them she will realize with pleasure.
  5. Prolong the process of sex as much as possible; fill it up with kisses, oral caresses and what not.
  6. Do not be monotonous, change rhythm and poses. Try new role plays, new places for sex and other stuff of that kind.
  7. Be creative and loving, behave in such a way to underline that she is the only one for you.

It may seem rather hard to satisfy a Russian woman, but if you really love her nothing can occur blocking for a perfect sex with her.

Summing up

To put it all together, just remember that Russian women are quite modest, especially when starting relations. Day by day your Slavic beloved will get opener and opener; it will become easy enough to discuss your desires and sexual preferences. The basis of harmony in bed is mutual trust, in that case no cultural differences would spoil your alliance.

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” Deepak Chopra

So trust your female partner, discuss your desires and be happy to learn what Russian women are like in bed.

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