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It’s quite complicated to figure out why a lady suddenly became upset or outraged. Especially if the lady you’re actively having a relationship (or trying to start one such) is, in fact, a Russian woman. For a westerner, Russian culture has a lot of surprises, like various unspoken taboos and subtleties. 

What adds fuel to the flame is the fact that an average Russian woman is generally a different type of person in contrast to the ‘modern’ woman of Western descent. Not only they were raised a bit differently, but they also aren’t very affected by the modern tendencies in Europe and US + Canada. 

Therefore, the list of ‘sensible points’ varies a lot in both cultures. Let’s see, how exactly, so you wouldn’t need to step into this minefield unprepared.

General everyday behavior

Helping with chores

When regarding your immediate actions during day-to-day life, what’s expected of you as a man may be surprising. 

Assisting a girlfriend

For instance, in contrast to women being independent and self-sufficient, an average Russian woman expects you to help her with:

-Manual labor;

-Doing dirty job;

-Opening doors (a courteous gesture for pretty much every situation, actually);

-Doing anything too strength-demanding, especially if you see her struggling with something (but ask first).

Failing to give a helping hand may or may not give a bad impression, especially if you’re idling. Even if you’re tired, try to help. Women in Russia do traditionally care for the home but at the same time, men are bound to help. But it’s OK if you do anything as hard and not do all the chores at home. Protecting her from every responsibility is also not very good.

It actually depends on a person, for most cases you may just ask her if she wants any assistance.

A process of a conversation

The following piece is not so much about what to say as about what to do while the conversation is an option. For instance, when you’re both idling or she’s idling and you’re paying all of your attention to something not critical for far too long. Come on, you worked tirelessly to get a girlfriend, pay her a little more attention in your free time.

To not upset her while your common leisure time, remember the plan:

Arrange something you both can have fun with beforehand;

If you see that she’s bored — start a conversation, it’s never a dangerous bet;

Don’t ignore her;

Try to put effort into your responses when in conversation, otherwise she’ll think you’re bored with it.

Starting and maintaining a talk is almost never wrong with girls, regular conversations are a stable column of a relationship. However, you need to feel whenever it’s appropriate to start talking to not oversaturate life with conversations. It’s even more crucial online when not typing anything even when you’re clearly online for a long while may seem like you don’t want to talk to her.

It’s even more relevant as Russian girls are both tough and gentle souls, and prefer active interaction with people to any lazy kind of leisure.

Things you can say wrong

Well, that’s the point, right? Talking to women is pretty hard, and if you manage it day after day without disasters — you’re a professional. Same goes for talking to an average Russian woman. There are the same methods of uncovering any concealed motives you didn’t know you had. 

It may not be as complicated to follow in case of Russian ladies, as they are a bit more realistic. It’s about feminism again, the movement is not so popular in Russia, and women don’t deem themselves fighters for equality and freedom. Most of the time. Therefore, if you’re having a serious conversation, it’s probably you who screwed up, not the manhood overall.

In conclusion to this piece, if you had any experience with ladies, you will not feel any real difference, most likely. If you do not live in a Western country, but in Asia, Africa or South America — then you’ll less trouble.

If you’ve got just a little experience with women

Spending only a few seconds to say something absolutely fitting is a subtle art, and pretty complicated, too. Most outcries happen because of two mistakes:

-You forgot something;

-You don’t understand, where you messed up.

The best solution for most conversations would be to stick to neutral responses and while doing it trying to understand your mistake. If you’re told precisely, what you’ve done wrong — say you’re sorry (if you’re 100% certain that it is really a miscalculation on your side) right away. That’s the ultimate guide to this study.

Picture of a befuddled man

Traits of character

There is also a general set of traits that can make Russians overall dislike, as over centuries those have become quite opposite to the characteristics you’d need to survive in Russian society.

That includes, for instance:

Uncertainty. Being confident doesn’t only mean that man should do his duty without a doubt. In this case, it also includes such properties as an ability to lead, plan ahead and be tough in critical situations. Confidence is actually admired by pretty much everyone on the planet, no surprise. But being almost madly confident is one of those things Russian people are known for. And to be uncertain at something is a good way to have a bad time in Russia.

Being slow. Mulling over something that should be done right away isn’t the only thing that people in Russia hate. You’re most likely going to be looked down upon by people there if you’re always late, in bad timing or can’t figure out things for a long time. Everyone’s got things to do, hurry up!

Being a big spender. Spending a lot of money on things that could be bought cheaper or just on luxurious unnecessities is not common in Russia. Even sharing money to pay for everyone at, for example, the bar is not as nice as one could think. Such actions leave a bad imprint on everyone involved. Just try not to throw money at all directions.

Being immodest. Don’t attract a lot of attention in public places, don’t shout or laugh too loud. Otherwise, you’re a big idiot. Showing-off is on an even higher level of being disgusting. It’s not only something to laugh at here, but it’s also one to shame.


Again, those four probably wouldn’t be the most loved traits about you for a Russian woman you date. It’s just generally good advice to be an active and modest man, but that’s fine if you are not. Whatever you do, you’ll understand if your girlfriend doesn’t like it. They always show that one way or another.

In conclusion

These pieces of advice are pretty much all you may learn from guides like this. Apart from cultural, societal norms, observations and so on there’s just nothing of value that can be written down. You should learn all the other on your own because everything deeper depends on a character of a Russian woman you chose to be your partner. Anyway, have fun with that.

But if you’re still only in search of such partner, feel free to check out this guide or the video below about how best to impress a Russian woman you laid your eyes on:

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