What does a hot Russia girl look for in an older man?

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If you’d like to date a younger Russian girl, the good news is it’s not impossible. Women from Eastern Europe don’t mind having a romantic relationship with a man who is ten, fifteen or even twenty years older. In fact, they approve of an age gap between them and their life partner and deliberately search for an older husband. But why would a hot Russia girl refuse dating someone of her age? The main reason is lack of trust in younger guys. Women tend to mature faster, and they don’t wish to share their lives with someone irresponsible, infantile and self-centred.

Dating older men as a young Russian girl

Why do Russian girls like older men?

There are lots of advantages to having a relationship with an older western man or at least many Russian women think so. Here are some of the pros of marrying a mature man:

Traditional family values

It’s no secret that Russian ladies are extremely family oriented. A hot Russian girl would rather dedicate her life to making a comfortable home and taking care of her husband and kids rather than building a successful career. Young guys are often unstable and driven by hormones.

Mature men, on the contrary, know exactly what they want in life. If they decide to get married and start a family, they won’t change their mind after a few months of living with their new wife. They won’t discover that they are not ready for responsibility of brining up kids and take care of their life partner.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll cheat on a woman they’ve tied the knot with. Having a happy family and a reliable partner in life is more important than casual relationships and romantic adventures.

Personal charm

While younger guys are learning how to please a woman, older men have already mastered this skill. They are exceedingly charming during the courting period. They know their way with words, and they’re chivalrous and gentleman-like. They know their strong points and weaknesses, which allows them to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

They shower a woman with compliments which don’t sound cheesy. They avoid cheap opening lines. They give flowers and gifts. They are strong and confident, but not aggressive or pushy. They are great decision makers, and that’s exactly what attracts a hot Russian girl in an older man.

Generally speaking, Eastern European women allow man to take a leading role in a romantic relationship. By doing so, they make sure a man is reliable enough and can be trusted with taking important decisions in life.

Financial security

Russian women don’t underestimate the importance of financial security in life, but it doesn’t make them materialistic or mercenary. On the contrary, they’re are far-sighted and caring where the future of their family is concerned. Most older men have a decent income as they’ve had enough time to achieve their professional goals.

They’re excellent bread winners, and their families won’t have to struggle trying to make ends meet. It doesn’t mean that a Russian woman is looking for an easy life and all her wants to be paid for. She’s ready to get a job and contribute to her family’s budget if necessary.

But she’s not ready to marry a man who doesn’t know what financial responsibility is. There are plenty of men like that in Russia – she doesn’t have to look for them abroad.

Romantic relationship between a Russian girls and older man from abroad

Wise approaches to life

Older men are less likely to make silly mistakes. They are more balanced and responsible than their younger counterparts. And an average Russian woman would rather prefer a man who can be relied upon. Being married literally translates as “being behind your husband”, which means you have someone trustworthy and experienced enough to shield you from misfortunes in life. An older man is more likely to be “the stone wall” a woman is looking for, which is definitely an advantage.

Why do older men like younger Russian girls?

There are plenty of reasons why an older man would prefer a young girl to a mature lady of his own age. Some of them are self-explanatory; who wouldn’t like to have a young, attractive girlfriend with a pretty face and slim body?

However, a physical aspect is not the only advantage to having a romantic relationship with a hot Russian girl. She’s energetic, lively, interesting and full of cheers. She has an adventures spirit and drive to do things, to visit places, to achieve goals. She’s not broken by an unhappy relationship, and she looks into the future with a lot of enthusiasms and hope. A young girl doesn’t have too many problems to burden her partner with.

 She’s strong and healthy, and it’s less likely she’ll have to deal with complications during pregnancy and childbirth. These are only a few advantages to dating a young Russian woman – there are much more to think of.

Russian women searching for romance with older western men

Tips for older men who’d like to date a younger woman

If you’re thinking of having a romantic relationship with a hot Russian girl, there are certain things you should be aware of. There are no readymade formulas to make this relationship work, but there are certainly things you can do in order to increase your chances for success and win a single Russian woman’s heart.

Make sure she’s the one

There are plenty of beautiful photos of stunning Russian females on every international dating site. It’s not hard to be carried away. Lots of younger men can’t stop the game of contacting women via an international dating site, even when they have a serious relationship with one of them.

As a mature man, you already know what kind of woman you want as a life partner, and it won’t be difficult for you to set the parameters. Use the search tool on the site to eliminate unsuitable profiles to start with. Write to a few women to get to know them better. Start a serious relationship with a hot Russian girl only when you’re sure she’s the one.

Share her interests

Not all the young girls are interested in night clubs, dancing and extreme sports. Russian women enjoy a vast array of hobbies and interests. From gardening and horse-riding to collecting stamps and playing piano, Russian girls excel in all sorts of things. Having some interests in common can help you keep the fire burning.

Respect her boundaries

Lots of older men start feeling nervous when their girlfriend is not around. They are perpetually afraid of losing her. This fear makes them call her hundreds time a day, comment her posts on social media channels or even stalking her. No woman likes this kind of distrust. A young girl will not accept being controlled. Exchanging SMS and call each other is sweet, but you should make sure it’s not overwhelming.

Unleash your romantic side

Every hot Russian girl is extremely romantic deep inside. Eastern European girls are brought up dreaming of their Prince Charming who would feel their lives with affection, love and all sorts of beautiful things. Your task is to convince her that you’re the one. Give her lovely bouquets on special occasions and without any particular reason – Russian women are particularly fond of flowers.

Act like a gentleman and indulge in old fashioned courtship. Surprise her with small gifts – they don’t have to be expensive. Set up a perfect date with a candle lit dinner and pleasant music. Watch her favourite movie together. There are so many things to do in order to make your romantic relationship beautiful and unforgettable.

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These are only some tips for older men who’d like to start a successful romantic relationship with a hot Russian girl. It’s worked for many determined and purposeful men from the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. Just make sure to keep your intentions pure and your heart open for a new wonderful feeling. Everything will work out, best of luck!

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