What is the Best Place to Meet Russian Girls for Long Lasting Relationship?

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For most men it is not easy to approach the girl they like and start dating. Another problem is to find a place, where to meet Russian girls for long lasting relationship. In fact, this is a very crucial issue, so let’s discuss it in details.

How to find a girlfriend online?

Meeting online – is very popular now. You don`t need to go somewhere or travel to different countries. A person stays on a safe side when he just writes messages and exchange photos. But there are some disadvantages too.

Mobile apps

The dating apps segment is enormous. But it`s better to pay attention only to the popular ones. For example, Tinder, Pure, Happn have many users. So the choice is really various. All the apps work on a similar principle: the algorithm offers candidates that are suitable for your needs. You make your choice and the conversation starts only in case of mutual sympathy.

Dating websites

Most dating sites have their own mobile versions. But for some sites you still need to use your personal computer. There are some differences. Classical dating websites are not as convenient as mobile applications. Anyone can write to you, even those who you don`t like at all.

Dating websites for meeting Russian girls

Everything start with a questionnaire: you add a photo, write about your interests and a person, who you are looking for. Users say that they have to look through thousands of inappropriate messages.

But at the same time, some people manage to find a girlfriend here for long lasting relationship thanks to large choice of candidates.

Social networks

There are three ways, how to get acquainted with Russian girls in social networks:

  • special dating groups;
  • looking through other people’s profiles;
  • thematic communities.

The last option is more suitable for long-term relationships, because a couple, obviously, have common interests.

Social networks, like VK, Facebook, Twitter are an excellent way to find your love, as:

  1. You can see a lady’s profile and learn a lot about her.
  2. There is a chance to meet someone who is not actively looking for dating and would not be available in mobile apps or dating websites.
  3. If a girl is not free it would be obvious in her profile and shared photos, so you would easily avoid misunderstanding.

There are still some disadvantages. You can`t stay anonymous.

How to find a girlfriend in real life?

Men want to find a Russian girl for serious relationship, and they often don`t pay much attention to people around. It is worth looking around, and you can see pretty, confident beauties at work, university, in a café or other places.

In a café

Traditional scenario for a quick date: a woman sits at a table, a man gets to know her. A couple starts dating.

Meet Russian ladies in a café

Thematic meetings

If a man and a woman visit such kind of events, it means that they have something in common. This is a good start for really long relationship. It can be:

  1. Bike parades. Everyone has bicycles, common interests. You can meet even ordinary girls walking along bike paths. During the parade, it`s difficult to talk, but before or after the event the conversation will start.
  2. Concerts and fan meetings. If you love one artist, you already have a lot in common. If you are not a music fan, buy a ticket to a concert of very popular singer, like Tailor Swift. You would 100 % meet a girl at a concert.
  3. Board games. Such clubs are visited by young Russian ladies. So anybody can get to know with interesting people having similar interests.
  4. Dog shows. Dog owners are very sociable people. Everybody remember a very old movie “101 Dalmatians”, where a couple got acquainted while walking their dogs in a park. The same can happen in real life too.
Thematic events for meeting Russian ladies

How to understand that a girl wants to communicate with you? Positive attitude is important. A smile is regarded as an invitation to communication, approval. If you smile back, feel free to start conversation. Remember that trying is not torture, and failure is not a disaster. The first time is always scary to even smile. But the more often the experiment is repeated, the more familiar it becomes.

At work

The larger the company, the higher chance you have to meet somebody special. In addition, there are employees in partner organizations, contractors and customers who also try to find their boyfriends.

Office romances are very common, but companies are struggling with relationships in the workplace. Love interferes with work efficiency and career. And not everyone is ready to risk a career for a fleeting affair. By the way, according to statistics, every third started service romances. And only 13% were married.

Good thing about office romance is that you know what a lady is doing and the level of her income. Of course, the main thing is girl`s character and personality, but her financial independence is an important factor too.

Bad news is that company policies may not welcome flirting at work. Some people are not ready to work with a partner, since they need rest from each other.

A holiday romance

Many acquaintances take place while traveling. The longer the trip, the more time and chance a man has to start a conversation with a girl he likes. Guys living in Italy, Spain, France, Greece and other touristic countries, don`t need to go to Russia to meet a real Russian girl. During summer holidays they will come to your native town. The only thing you should do is to visit places full of tourists.

If you live in Russia, you can meet a girl in public transport. To find a common topic for conversation, try to find out what the beauty does during the trip. Maybe she is reading a book, or you noticed that she has an apple in her purse. Here you have a topic for starting a conversation, and making a new acquaintance.

Street dating

When you meet Russian girl that you like on the street, try not to be persistent. Intrusiveness is impossible to achieve the location of a person. It is good if a street acquaintance occurred under unusual circumstances. For example, the girl doesn’t start the car, or she asked you to bring heavy things. The most important thing in such circumstances is to establish initial contact, and then think about a serious relationship.

Meet a Russian girl in other places

Real dating can happen at any time, even not so comfortable for you. You can meet in a line at the dentist, or at the airport before the flight. You will have a great story to tell your friends and grandchildren about you unique love story. But it`s even more likely that such a spontaneous acquaintance simply would never happen.

How to build long lasting relationship?

1. Be honest

Communicate with your partner honestly. The non-verbal signals of the body, such as eye contact, or touching someone’s hand, play the most important part in communication.

2. Keep your partner interested

Some relations stop developing in conditions of peaceful coexistence, but without real communication with each other and cooperation. Although this may seem stable at first glance, the lack of communication increases the distance. When you need to talk about something important, you may no longer find communication and understanding.

3. Conflicts strengthen the relations

Go through conflicts with your partner. Some couples peacefully express dissatisfaction, while others may raise their voices and argue fervently. The key to a strong relationship, however, is not to be afraid of conflict.

If time goes on, but you still haven’t found “your” person, don’t stop trying. Or you can bring yourself to depression. It’s definitely not worth spending your life constantly scanning dating sites and worries about unsuccessful searches. This does not mean that you are worse than others.

The best way out is to do self-development. Find a new hobby, travel, read, go to the gym. An enthusiastic, easy-going person is doubly interesting and is able to attract the same people.

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