Where can you find a Russian bride for free?

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If you’ve been thinking of starting a romantic relationship with a Slavic woman and your budget is limited, you’re probably wondering where you can find a Russian bride for free. Well, the first thing to remember is that Russian brides are not for sale, period. In the world of today, it would be ridiculous to expect you can buy a person to be your wife, no matter what they promise you on the internet.

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When they talk about mail order brides, it doesn’t mean you select a woman from a catalogue, add her to a cart and pay for your purchases. No one is going to ship her to your home address. The term is outdated, and it has never been accurate to start with.

A Russian mail order bride is a person you meet on a dating site, contact her via email, start a romantic relationship with and eventually visit in her home town. If you want to meet such a person for free, there are free international dating websites. Let’s have a closer look at the matchmaking services they offer.

Find a Russian bride for free on international dating websites

Free dating sites – what are they like?

Generally speaking, it’s recommended to avoid free dating websites if you are serious about finding a soul mate. Nothing comes for free in this life, especially when it comes to love and romance. No one is going to help you find attractive Russian girls from the goodness of their heart. If they don’t charge money for their services, it means a site has some other purpose. Poorly moderated free sites are usually swarming with fake profiles and scammers.

There is no verification process on these sites, and swindlers of all sorts don’t hesitate to take advantage of this fact. But are there any real women there? Is it possible to find someone who is genuinely interested in love, dating and marriage? Well, theoretically it’s possible, but the process of searching for such a person is bound to be complicated and rather unpleasant.

So what are you supposed to do in this case? Well, it’s highly recommended to join a reputable site with membership instead. It won’t cost you much. For a negligible price, you will have an unlimited access to a large database of women’s profiles, a great search tool, plenty of communication options and last but not least, a reliable support system.

All the profiles are real on legitimate dating sites – every woman is supposed to prove her identity before she gets registered. If you feel you’re getting scammed, you can always ask someone reliable to assist you. There are plenty of additional services on major websites that will make your online dating experience a pleasant and promising adventure.

Is dating a Russian women online expensive?

Date and marry a beautiful and charming Russian women

If you’d like to find a Russian bride for free, you should definitely give online dating a try. Even if you pay for membership on an international dating site, you get to talk to gorgeous Slavic women for free.

When you establish a romantic relationship with one of them, you are still hardly expected to pay anything when sending her emails, talk to her by phone, setting up Skype dates, texting her and so on. Everything happens online between the two of you, and all you need is only your smartphone or computer and internet connection. Of course, you may consider sending her flowers or presents from time to time, but these things can hardly be considered an expense.

And if you compare this expense to amount you pay when dating a local girl, you’ll realize how dramatic the difference is. When you date someone in real life, you take them out on a regular basis. You pay for dinners, lunches, coffees and cocktails. You pay entry fees to various nightclubs. You pay for movie, theatre or concert tickets.

You arrange romantic trips. You spend a certain amount on clothes in order to look presentable. You spend on gifts and romantic surprises. If you actually calculate how much an average men in the USA or Western Europe spends on dating per year. Compared to this amount, dating a Russian woman online comes almost for free.

If a Russian woman asks for money, most probably she’s a scammer

Perhaps you think dating a Slavic girl online inevitably involves offering her financial assistance. It’s a very discouraging thought, because what’s the point in trying to find a Russian bride for free if you’re going to end up sending money?

Well, the good news, things are not like that. Generally speaking, a woman who is serious about finding a life partner, will never ask for any financial assistance. And why should she? The economic situation in Russia is pretty tough and it has always been so, but things are much better now compared to 1990s after the Soviet Union had just broke to pieces. It’s possible to earn a decent living in present day Russia, and there are plenty of possibilities for additional income online.

Of course, things can become desperate when one has to come with illnesses, difficult financial situations, or urgent car or house repairs, but it would be strange, to say the least, to ask a person you’ve ever met face to face to solve your problems. Take it as a rule of thumb that you’re not supposed to send any money to a woman you haven’t met in real life. If she keeps insisting on financial assistance from you, most probably she is a scammer.

Common scammer’s tricks

Dating scammers are very skilful, and lots of men have already fallen victims to their tricks. The main goal of Russian scammers on dating websites is to take your money from you. They will either go for a quick turnaround or work on far-reaching plans. But one thing is for sure, earlier or later you’ll get a request for money. The most frequently used reasons to seek for financial assistance from a western man who is trying to find a Russian bride for free include:

  • Their grandmother died, and there is no money to pay for the funeral. They need a certain amount of money, and it’s very urgent.
  • They fail to pay for their studies in college or university, and now they are going to be thrown out of the educational establishment without completing their education.
  • Something has gone wrong with their smartphone or computer, and now they can’t date you online. The only way to solve this problem is to buy a new device.
  • They need to buy air tickets in order to meet you in your home country. Of course you could pay for this – after all, everything she does is for the sake of your happy future together.
  • They already got a visa to your country, but there are still payments to be made in order to handle some legalities.

We could continue almost forever – scammers are very inventive these days. Keep your eyes open and don’t do anything that you don’t feel is right.

Russian brides looking for romance, love and marriage with western men

How to decrease the costs of your trip to Russia

As you can see, travel to your girlfriend’s home town is the only thing about the whole online dating scene that requires a large amount of money. However, you can pay significantly less if you start getting for the trip well in advance. First of all, buying air tickets a few months before the journey will let you save a significant sum.

Also, be careful with accommodation options. Expensive hotels are not the only way to get a room. There are plenty of accommodation options in present day Russian cities: hostels, budget hotels, guest houses, Airbnbs and so on. if your girlfriend has an opportunity to host you, it’s even better. Ask her about this in advance. Most probably she’ll offer you a stay even before you actually ask.

If you’re trying to find a Russian bride for free, it’s important not to go overboard and act likes a stingy Scrooge. Slavic women don’t appreciate greedy men who count every cent. And of course, it sounds absolutely ridiculous when a man keeps complaining about how expensive everything is. Don‘t be one of those guys – they are tolerated only out of politeness.

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