Where can you find a Russian wife: Australia, Canada, or the USA?

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With Russian wives becoming increasingly popular worldwide, it’s no surprise that men from various parts of the globe visit Russia attempting to find a soul mate. In the world where people lose believe in traditional family value and romantic love, Russian women have a great deal to offer to a family oriented man who wants to settle down. That’s why foreign men keep looking for a Russian wife: Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada are only some of the countries that come to mind when one thinks of lonely men travelling to Eastern Europe to find a bride.

How can you meet a Russian woman?

There are several ways of meeting a Russian woman in the world of today. Let’s discuss some of them in more detail:

International dating sites

Meet a beautiful and kind Russian woman to become your wife

This is the most reliable and effective way to meet a Slavic lady and start a long lasting romantic relationship with her. The procedure is rather simple – you join a reputable and trustworthy dating site with a large database of girls’ profiles. As a rule, it’s recommended to join sites with a paid membership – this way there are less chances of getting scammed and simply wasting one’s time.

You’re expected to upload your best photo so women would have an idea of how your look. If you’re serious about fin ding someone special avoid outdated photos, bathroom selfies, naked torsos, group pictures and photographs with other women. Then you fill in the profile fields. The more you tell about yourself, the better. You shouldn’t make it too long and tedious though.

Try to keep your introduction cheerful and positive, without complaining too much about being lonely, misunderstood, rejected and unhappy. Then you search for women according to your specifications and contact them with a nice first letter. If they reply, you correspond for some time and see whether you have romantic feelings for one of them.

If you do, try your best to establish a special connection with her through emails, chats, video and audio calls, and so on. You’re expected to maintain a long-distance relationship until you’re ready to make a trip to her country. It sounds perfect, but not everyone is good at handling online relationships – this is the biggest challenge of this approach.

Facebooks and other social media channels

You can also try to find attractive Russian girls’ profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and start talking to them. But the problem is that a very small percentage of people on social media are actually interested in romantic relationships. Usually these channels are used for socializing and keeping in touch with friends and family. Of course, there are still chances of finding someone special, but you may also end up wasting lots of time and effort.

Same can be said about penpal sites. They are great for friendship and practising foreign languages, but it takes a great deal of luck if one uses them in order to find a soul mate.

A trip to Russia

Russian women in Australia searching for marriage with local men

If online dating is not for you, there is an option of making a trip to Russia and trying your luck with local women. Men from many countries have already have already tried this method of finding a Russian wife: Australia, United States, Canada and Great Britain are just to name a few.

Needless to say, it would be naive to expect that you can simply approach random women on the streets and eventually find the girls of your dreams. What you should do is use the matchmaking services of a local marriage agency.

They will have a fairly decent database of hot Russian women’s profiles and you can choose a person according to your specifications. The agency’s staff will help you set up a date with this girl. The advantage of a marriage agency is that all the girls in their catalogue are interested in a romantic relationship with foreign men. Also, managers know all the girls in person, and so they are able to choose the one you have most chances with. This will save you a lot of time.

Dating Russian girls in your home country

Yes, in your home country it’s possible to find a Russian wife: Australia, the USA, Canada and Western Europe are home to quite a lot of Slavic women. So you don’t have to make a trip to Russia or start a long lasting relationship online. All you have to do is locate Russian girls in your home country. It’s also likely there are quite a few hot Russian women women in the city you live, isn’t it wonderful?

Why are there so many Russian women abroad?

Well, in the world of today it’s rather common to be an expat. People move abroad for various reasons, and Russian girls are no exception. No longer we are limited by geographical borders when comes to choosing a place of living. So it’s quite possible to find a Russian bride in Australia, Canada, United States or countries of Western Europe. Here are some of the most common reasons why Russian girls happen to live abroad:

Educational purposes

Eastern European girls are smart and ambitious. They always choose to study in colleges and universities after graduating from school, and some of them opt for foreign educational establishments rather than domestic options.

They gain professional skills in many fields and demonstrate brilliant academic results. Sometimes they come back home after graduating from a foreign university, sometimes they get a job abroad. Check out whether there are Russian students in your city, and see whether you can try your luck with one of them.

Excelling in different professional fields

There are also plenty of Slavic women working abroad in various countries. Salaries are much higher in the west than in Eastern Europe, and it’s no wonder Russian women make a choice in favour of better living conditions. Some of them do unqualified jobs like cleaning and gardening, others hold important positions in banks, hospitals, educational establishments and notary companies.


Quite a few girls stay abroad on a tourist visa. They use an opportunity to travel around a country and learn about the local way of life. Usually a tourist visa is given for a short period of time, but it’s enough to get acquainted with a Russian girl and start a romantic relationship with her.

How do you locate Russian girls in your country?

Russian women looking for marriage with men from Australia

One of the best ways to locate Russian women in your home town is checking out the local Facebook groups. Usually expats of a particular city start a group in order to discuss their ways around the city and other questions. Check out two- three groups and see whether you can find any Russian female participants.

Apart from that, joining a Russian dating site is not a bad idea either. All you have to do is specify your city when using a search tool. Check out the results and contact all the girls who happen to live close by. Then you can either write them an email or make a phone call. Ask them out for a date and see what’s going to happen. Most probably they’ll answer in the affirmative – Russian women like assertive, confident and decisive men.

Don’t forget the basic rules of Eastern European dating culture when going out with a Russian girl:

  • Make sure you look stylish and presentable. No old and tattered clothes and old shoes, no unshaven face and messy hair.
  • Bring flowers on the first date. It doesn’t have to be anything imposing or ostentatious, a small bouquet of tulips or daisies will do perfectly well.
  • You pay the bill. Don’t expect a Russian girl to share expenses. It’s considered extremely rude and inappropriate. It also signifies that you are not taking the girl seriously.
  • Come up with fun and original ideas for your dates. Don’t ask a woman where she should like to go today. Better give her a couple of options to choose from.
  • Behave like an old-fashioned gentleman. This is the kind of behaviour is always appreciated by Slavic women.

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So as you can see it’s quite possible to find a Russian wife: Australia, Canada, USA and many other countries are actually home for a quite a lot of women from Eastern Europe.

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