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Males all over the world like to compare women of different countries; “Russian women vs American women” is quite a popular subject, especially in the USA. These ladies are sure both to have much in common and to differ a lot. Viewing the issue in various ways everyone will be able to decide for himself who is the best. There is no point in insisting on the only side. Tastes differ, after all. But you might understand that for family creating Russian girls seem to be better.

Russian Women are Family-oriented

Russian Women vs American Woman: Background of the Rivalry

Almost every woman apart from nationality wishes to find a good husband, succeed in creating a family, to be happy, in a word. What do they usually do to achieve the aim? They seek the ways of getting acquainted with a future partner. That’s right. It may be places of entertainment, dating agencies and what not. They choose some person’s help or searching of their own. So they are moving to the point desired.

In the USA there are about 40,000-50,000 international weddings (between Americans and foreigners) every year. 10,000 cases from the quantity mentioned above concern mail-order relations; and just in 4,000 cases U.S. males are engaged.

Somebody may suppose it quite strange that American citizens wish foreign ladies to be their wives. It can be easily explained. Those men are absolutely dissatisfied with the life style of females of the same nationality. Filipinos, Asians, Russian and other Slavic girls are thought to be more suitable for creating a family.

In general, the main differences (not visual, of course) between women of opposite nationalities lie in cultural patterns. And American women behavior pattern is not highly-appreciated by men of their ethnic group (especially, coldness, excessive misandry, being uncared-for appearance and what not). Let’s watch the point in details.

Various Aspects of the So-called Struggle: Russian Women vs American Women

As mentioned before, the differences between nationalities are associated with various geographical positions and cultural flavors.

Appearance and Clothes

Genetics presents Russian ladies with pretty faces and bodies, with natural beauty, in a word. And they always do their best to improve themselves. Doing physical exercises and leading a healthy life are almost in their blood. Beautiful hairstyle, nice manicure and pedicure, perfect make-up, all of that are sure to take up much time as well.

Russian Women Usually Look Better

Besides, Russian women are used to clothe themselves prettily, no matter where they are going to. There are a lot of skirts of different length and dresses in their wardrobes, and even in cold winter days they can wear them. So they are often stylish and catchy.

American women occur to be less absorbed in the way they look. Of course, they have well-packed cloak-rooms and visit gyms, but as time goes by they begin paying little attention to the appearance and their beauty fades much quicker than one of the Russians. One more problem here is woman’s fattiness that is more frequent in the USA than in the RF. And so it is natural that American men wish to enjoy watching good-looking foreigners as their partners.

Social Behavior

When going out Russian ladies usually try to create a good impression with people around them. It touches on appearance, clothing and manners as well. They know the rules of social etiquette and try to follow them.

If getting acquainted with the boyfriend’s parents a girl is certain to make some kind of gift, a handmade thing or budge-friendly purchased item. The Russian proverb says, “It’s not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it”. Anyone’s concern is worth much in this country.

As for American women, they are known to be less interested in surrounding persons’ opinions. They are used to behave in a natural way, as it is, without showing themselves from the best side. Independence and increasing feministic views are also observed in their behavior.

Adding some words about female education, it is necessary to say that Russian women seem to be quite more well-read and more versatile than their American counterparts. Education being more upscale and accessible in the RF, girls are gaining knowledge more willingly. It is easy enough for them to learn new information and master their skills. On the contrary, Americans happen to be more heavy-footed in this sphere, wishing not to develop themselves nor broaden the mind.

Family Values and Sex

A happy family and a comfortable home atmosphere mean much for a Russian lady. They usually wish to get married in 25 or about to give birth to babies. Making a career firstly is not essential for them. The women know that they will be able to self-actualize a bit later and what is most significantly they can succeed in any sphere thanks to versatile development.

Russian Women Create Better Home

American women are usually bent on their independence, wishing to become a business genius and rise to the very heights of the career ladder. The main reasons for this situation may be feminization of the society and its total self-sufficiency. Children and close-knit family ties are not so important for the woman in these conditions.

There is a different view on sexual relations in Russian and American cultures as well. Females from the USA are more flirting and sexually-open. They are less frozen on the partners, and it is quite easy for them to have a one-night date. To discuss sexual preferences is also commonplace here.

Russian girls are shier. Random sex is not appreciated. Healthy sexual relations with long standing partners are much more preferable. In family bed they are hot and active, ready to please a man. But it must be said that these females don’t like to discuss their own sexual desires, though being fond of satisfying a beloved person.

Russian Women vs American Women when Dating and Later

As you have understood there are many different points of the so-called rivalry “Russian Women vs American Women”, influencing the life-style in general and their dating and after-dating behavior including. Just remember it when finding a girl to your liking.

Who is better for dating?

Russian culture being traditional, ladies consider men to be protective and strong, controlling the situation. When dating, quite prolonged, so-to-say, they need romantic spirit, addresses, and compliments. In general, not a high price but concern. After the wedding a woman puts home and family on the first place, not trying to be equal or dominating in the financial matter.

American girls seem to be more worried about their independence, career realization and gender equality. Dating a man is one of the aspects of social success, nothing more. Children and loving husband are not as significant as they are for the RF females. After marriage an American woman gets a partner of equal terms. And it concerns all spheres of life.

“Heaven is having a Japanese wife, a Chinese cook, a British country home and an American salary. Hell, on the other hand, is having a Chinese salary, a British cook, a Japanese house and an American wife” Gary Clark

Tips on How to Tickle Lady’s Fancy (American vs Russian)

When dating a girl (Russian or American) a man should keep in mind some special moments.

  1. Compliments. It’s an important point in both cases. Russians like nice words about their appearance, mind and what not. Under no circumstances speak about sexuality of Americans or make any hints of that kind, especially for the first time.
  2. Conversations. Being quite shy, Russian lady prefers to listen to the partner, be ready to tell some interesting story or ask her questions. She will talk with pleasure not being an initiator of the topic. On the contrary, an American girl will chatter a lot, liking her partner to be all ears when she is speaking about her job or achievements.
  3. Gifts and meals. Prepare some surprise for a female from the RF and she’ll be happy. The price is of little importance. She will appreciate your company, not the place where you will have a snack. As for Americans they will be happy about visiting some expensive remarkable restaurant, don’t be surprised with her desire of paying for herself.


It’s up to everyone to decide who gets the superiority in the pair “Russian women vs American women” as tastes differ. All the main points were described. Ladies from the RF are more traditional in relations whereas girls from the USA turn to be more independent and feminist.

If you don’t know what girl to choose for dating, just imagine what role in relations you prefer. What are the most important points in sex, family life and all that kind of things? Answer this question and welcome to date a girl of your dream.

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