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A unique dating blog that covers all topics connected with relationships, local and international dating, marriage, and family.

Our site completely replaces a private psychologist since you can find the experts’ answers to all your daily questions here. We are constantly getting positive responses from people who felt lost or confused in this or that situation, but our blogs helped them out.

None topic is restricted or forbidden as long as it assists people in building strong personal connections and bright, many-sided life. We strongly encourage all singles and married couples to seek the professional support in all issues involved.
Dating is a pleasant but somewhat complicated process with many ups and downs. That’s why it’s so important to get a piece of advice on each stage and succeed in this sphere.

Finding a soulmate, recognizing him or her among the others, creating and following healthy principles of togetherness is a hard work, but we make it easier for you.
Women’s way of thinking is a source of jokes for many immature men who don’t put enough efforts in order to understand and cooperate as an efficient couple. Russian female mentality is even more challenging. But we help to clear things up and turn a couple into a team.

Moreover, not all people even understand themselves, their real wishes and desires. Our articles and discussions help to reveal those true aspirations and each particular criterion so that you can see clearer what makes you happy and content.

Our experts are disciples of such famous consultants and motivational speakers as Elly Klein, Debra Fileta, Alison Jacobson, and others. We are sure about our materials’ high quality and effectiveness. We can confidently recommend it to all people who find themselves in any kind of crisis or in the active search. In both conditions, you need someone to take away the superfluous weight from you and show you the right direction.

Relationships are meant for mutual joy, sharing and caring, but we need to improve both ourselves and our communication with a partner. What do we know about Russian women except the need of being careful with them? No, their personality and their world of love is much bigger than that. It’s literally an endless source of tenderness and loyalty, but we should know how to treat them, how to interpret their actions.

The same about other nationalities: what do we actually know, except the common stereotypes? Exactly stereotypes ruin and neutralize all advantages of international and interracial dating. It often happens that we are sexually attracted to this or that type of appearance but we cannot manage getting along with this person.

We should stop perceiving potential partners of current partners as objects who we like, it makes much more sense to go deeper into their roots and adjust our mutual understanding.

Our goal is to fight stereotypes and bring partners together through thick and thin, like it was meant to be. We are really focused on your emotional balance and harmonious co-existing.