Why dating Russian ladies with a sense of humor can be hard

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Russian humor is a pretty complex yet interesting substance, even for Russian at times. The Russian sense of humor is actually the last thing you’d think to look into before dating Russian ladies (especially if you’re from the West), it’s not very obvious that it may affect your life in any way. But it does, it’s easily a backbone of a relationship.

You can’t really describe what this phenomenon is all about since different people have a different sense of humor. But there are trends, mood and walking jokes, especially on the Internet. 

The reason why you should need to know how they joke about is that they often if not always do it in a weird way. And if your girlfriend will happen to have a sense of humor, you may not like hearing what you can’t understand. And joking is also a tool to make a relationship more joyful, so it’s a bit of a downer.

Why Russian humor is so ‘hard’

Well, maybe it was given too much drama in the introduction. It’s really not that big of a deal if you don’t understand why your girlfriend is laughing. There are also common jokes and funny stuff you can say. It’s not like Russian people can’t grasp a concept of a joke.

They just have several weird courses in humor. Some of them are born on the Internet. The Internet is a place where a new joke is born every day, so if you don’t keep track of new trends — you won’t be able to join in the fun. Especially if the company you found yourself in knows the trends. 

But have you tried the Russian Net? If you are dating Russian ladies below the age of ~25 — they must be scrolling through the Russian media on a daily basis. In this case, it’s very relevant to you. But if your girlfriend isn’t very frequent to the Internet, then relax, probably.

What the humor is generally like

Image of having fun together

Apart from this, there’s also a general mood for comedy in this country. You might have thought that Russians don’t like comedy very much, but it, for example, is by far the most popular movie genre of the local cinema. Even if they are mostly trash.

The subject

But what’s really interesting in the Russian humor overall is its style. It’s mostly satire, both in art and in life. People here like to criticize whatever bad things they witness: 

Their way of life;

Politics, especially their own government;


Russia overall

Hence, most of the humor you will hear is pretty hard and dry. It has a practical use — to make life less of a pain by ridiculing everything you see. That’s why you’ll rarely hear Russians ridiculing other people, rather, they do it to themselves. Obviously, there’s nothing funnier than your own life.

It’s also pretty dark and cruel more often than you’d like. The most popular type of humor, for example, in 2012 on the Internet required saying something cruel and dark just for the sake of it. 

What’s the humor like on the Internet

The humor may range from alright to incomprehensible depending on how often your girlfriend visits the Web. 

If she doesn’t do it at all, her humor won’t be any different from yours, save for the country specifics like same-aimed subjects and darker connotations. That pretty much won’t affect your relationship, it would be a nice interaction with nothing to hold back.

If she visits the Internet sometimes, then it probably won’t affect the relationship either, because she won’t likely see a lot of specific humor to draw it out in the real world. 

However, in the case when both of you sometimes browse the Internet and get drawn to the same type of comedy, it may turn out to be an upside. It’s most likely the same because about 70% of the entertainment on the Internet consists of the image with comedic contents (it’s called memes, just to be clear), and they are universal.

It’s a great upside because the pictures get viral very quickly online. That’s the reason why this humor brings people together so successfully. If your taste in humor is very similar (that’s imperative), you can share the pictures you’ve found while away from each other. It really strengthens the bond between people and doesn’t require any effort.

On the other hand, if both of you visit Reddit, Instagram, and other platforms to get fresh new memes, but your tastes are very different — the relationship may suffer. See, if you both know the type of humor you like, it’s pretty similar, but in much more different in a broader sense, then a large portion of humor will be gone from the relationship.

You can try and find interesting sources of comedy you both will like, it will genuinely be helpful. 

Image of smiling Russian woman

What if she spends a lot of time online

Dating Russian ladies who know how to handle the Web is even more challenging when you not only struggle to find a common target to laugh at but also struggle to understand why the pictures your girlfriend laughs at are supposed to be funny.

That’s when the deep Russian humor for people who spend a lot of time online comes into play. It’s a unique phenomenon because you obviously need to know how to navigate yourself on the Web for some time to understand it. Otherwise, you will be disturbed rather than entertained. 

If you’ve been to the Internet for a while and know the trends and the memes of late, you’ll be fine. You’ll just have to adapt to the way people find the funny moments in stuff that doesn’t seem even remotely entertaining.

What this kind of humor’s like

Again, it would be very helpful for your relationship if you knew how to support a joke. If you can’t — well, it’s not that bad, but a lot of fun is left out of your everyday interactions. So, it’s good if you at least know what this special Russian humor is about.

Altering phrases that originally aren’t funny

It basically consists not of classic jokes but of hilariously altered viral phrases, which in themselves bear no comedic value. It’s not something you can tell a stranger to make him laugh, but if your friend or partner visit the Net frequently and know what’s going on in there, you may ‘joke’ in this way sometimes. 

Basically, every person who sits on social networks regularly knows and uses this kind of comedy. 

Actually, in a way, people have been twisting the popular phrases from cinema, history and alike to a long time. It sometimes serves as a basis for a regular joke. Russians, however, went further. Whereas English-speaking Net users consider this type of comedy a low-grade, their Slavic counterparts genuinely enjoy it.


This is a concept that you probably haven’t ever heard about. It’s pretty bizarre, but also strangely entertaining for some reason. It’s exclusive for Internet-users, too. And if your girlfriend is on the Internet constantly, she probably knows what it is, at the very least.

Basically, you take an image that has no sense at all and then you apply it to a situation. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they enjoy it because of how ridiculous it is and because of the concept above — the viral phrases. 

You can’t learn to like it, you need to feel it. If you do, over time you’ll have understood what’s so funny about it and the Russian humor overall. Dating Russian ladies who like to use the Web will be easier from that point on.

In conclusion

Dating Russian ladies or any women at all without humoring each other once in a while is really dull. The Russian humor strengthens the relationship a lot because Russians typically joke about themselves and their dearest, showing that they know a lot about each other. 

That is if you do it right. If you don’t know how they do it, it may turn awkward. What you’ve read are the basics, you’ll have to learn to humor your girlfriend on your own, it’s not at all scientific or psychological in any sense.

But if you’re dating Russian ladies and still need help with that, feel free to explore the ‘blog’ section for more articles like this. Or, if you’ve read enough for today, you can watch a video below for some helpful advice about dating Russian ladies:

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