Why do Rich and Famous Men Wish to Find a Russian Wife?

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Table of content:

  1. Happy Together with a Russian Wife
  2. A Russian Wife in the 20th Century
  3. A Russian Wife Nowadays
  4. Famous Couples: Quite Close to Becoming a Wife
  5. A Russian Wife: Some Words about the Character
  6. The Secret of Russian Beauty
  7. Uncared-for Appearance or Always Good-looking
  8. Main Reasons for Choosing a Russian Wife
  9. Summing up

Are you dreaming of a Russian wife? If so, everybody understands you, if not, let’s discuss this question a bit deeper. What do you know about Russian girls and why do the rich and the famous prefer to marry a woman from the country mentioned?

The Famous Marry Russian Girls

Happy Together with a Russian Wife

At first, there are some examples of couples with a female Slavonic half. They live happily and their way of life seems to arouse envy. This very thing may be explained by women’s desire of creating a close-knit family, strong and sincere relations being the priority for her.

Salvador Dalí supposed Russian women to be the most patient, and Pablo Picasso – the most devoted.

A Russian Wife in the 20th Century

In the course of history we can see a lot of bright families, where residents of different countries have chosen Russian women as their wives. A famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso married Olga Khokhlova, a Russian ballet-dancer. They were living together for 18 years, and their relationships were reflected in the Picasso’s masterpieces.

Imre Kalman, a famous composer from Hungary, was quite happy, having made a wedding with a Russian actress Vera Makinskaya. They were together from 1929 to 1953, being parents of 3 children.

Louis Aragon, a French poet and prose-writer, lived in harmony with his Russian wife, Ella Kagan, for about 42 years.

These examples let everyone see that men from different parts of the planet were interested in relations with Russian girls and women even many years ago. They registered the marriage and were happy with their Russian wifes.

A Russian Wife Nowadays

Nowadays this tendency is also being observed. Here are some international couples, each of them being together for more than 10 years.

  • Dusan Perovic and Ekaterina Andreeva, a famous businessman from Montenegro and a Russian anchorwoman.
  • Giorgio Savona and Zhanna Agalakova, an Italian producer and director of photography, now living in New York, and a Russian journalist.
  • Robert Rostsik and Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, an Austrian opera producer and a Russian opera singer.
  • Vindu Dara Singh and Dina Umarova, a Bollywood actor and a Russian model and entrepreneur.

Marrying a Russian Woman is quite popular all over the world.

Famous Couples: Quite Close to Becoming a Wife

Moreover, it should be added that many of European celebrities prefer to live with Russian girl-friends, even not registering the marriage, but starting the family and becoming parents. Their relationships occur to last a long time, especially if shielded from the public eye.

A Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and a Russian tennis player Anna Kurnikova, being together since 2001, are often discussed in gossip columns. But they are still a couple, parents of two children.

A French businessman Antoine Arnault and his beloved Natalia Vodyanova, a Russian model, are developing their relations since 2011. They have two common children.

A Russian Wife: Some Words about the Character

Russian women are kind and open-hearted, patient and persistent, friendly and modest. They are very versatile. They appreciate coziness and always try to make comfortable atmosphere at home. It’s not the fact that your Russian wife will be constantly drying the floor or, for example, staying at the stove and cooking. Not of that kind. But they will do their best to lavish care upon everyone in the family.

“I envy the Russian men: they live in a rose garden, not realizing their happiness. It’s not just about the way they look, Russian women have inner beauty. They are sincere, emotional, kind and very sentimental” Pierre Richard

There is a famous Russian proverb, that it is the wife who is making a real general from a common soldier. It means that your other half will be helping you to reach the top of the career. A loving wife will support all your undertakings and help you in self-developing. A lot of Slavonic girls are sure to be smart, well-read and perfectly educated. Sometimes just this thing occurs to be the most necessary in a husband’s career building.

It should be added, that marrying a Russian woman you may get a hot lover. If you become an object of her desire, sexual, as well, your private life will play out in fresh colors. Passion, appetence, active sexuality are just the things to show for a dear husband.

Being the Best Russian Wife

Some tips on how you should act to be successful in bed with a Russian lady you may read here.

The Secret of Russian Beauty

Russia is announced to be a territory of beautiful ladies. And what is the secret? Why is it just this very part of the planet?

In fact, no secret is present. You wouldn’t meet any ugly stuff, as there are cuties for any taste. One is sure to find a hot Russian girl ticking all the boxes. There is a wide range of bright red-haired, raven-heads, tender brown-haired and blondes as well. They are not always beautiful from birth but know how to develop their goodliness and stay splendid and wonderful for many years.

Having both a pretty face and a fantastic body a Russian lady can mesmerize any foreigner. And it is not only genetics as you may suppose. It is some kind of work.

Uncared-for Appearance or Always Good-looking

It stands to reason that Russian women are always looking well, especially when going out. They keep up with the fashions; adore visiting clothing boutiques and stores and get corresponding total-looks. It is quite necessary for them to take care of the skin and hair, make a manicure and choose appropriate cosmetics.

Frankly speaking, one may come up against a situation where at home his loving half will look tired and sad, like a “faded flower”. Don’t be afraid, just give her some time to freshen up and enjoy quick transformation.

Main Reasons for Choosing a Russian Wife

As we have discussed in the beginning of the article not only common persons wish to have a Russian wife, but famous and rich people as well. Their families occur to be close-knit, friendly and attractive.

During any social event international celebrated couples often stand out for their stylish image and warm-hearted aura.

 “My Russian wife is hard to understand – but she is a Real Woman” Kjetil Sandermoen

Despite of cultural differences it is not so difficult to create a family with a Russian lady. She becoming a real Muse for her husband, he will be able to move up the career ladder not worrying about lack of support and encouragement.

Happy with a Russian Lady

Russians are appreciated for their:

  • good character (kindness, tenderness, devotion),
  • attractiveness and sexuality,
  • well education and creativity,
  • hospitality and perfect house holding,
  • versatility in many life spheres.

Summing up

Russian ladies being quite specific in the first face, you may think that it is a silly point to choose such a girl for the marriage. But it is not really so. Numerous examples of well-known international celebrated couples confirm this fact.

Plump or slender, small or great-busted, tall or petite, no matter what preferences a man is having, he is sure to find a lady to his liking. Just surround your significant other with love and tenderness, creating a romantic atmosphere in your relations. Showing your serious intentions concerning the marriage will improve her attitude towards you. A faithful life partner is the dream of the majority of Russian girls.

It may be quite difficult to get accustomed to each other habits and general style of life but in the course of time family relations will become stronger and prosperous. The best advice here is to listen to each other, discuss any problems appeared and be honest and sincere.

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