Why do single Russian women date foreign men?

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In the world of today, when our planet is growing smaller and smaller due to the advent of the internet and affordable air tickets, people are no longer inclined to limit their social connections to the immediate circle. Same goes for the searches of a soul mate. This is probably the ultimate explanation on why single Russian women engage in romantic relationship with foreign men.

However, if we dig deeper, things no longer appear as simple as that. There is a combination of psychological, demographic and economic factors that a Russian girl takes into consideration when making up her mind to look for a partner abroad. Let’s have a closer look at these factors.

Single Russian women looking for love abroad

Imbalanced male-to-female ratio in Russia

According to the statistics, at present there are roughly 87 men per 100 women in Russia, and the situation in other Eastern European countries is hardly any better. This ratio tends to get even more imbalanced as a woman grows older. For a 25-year-old girl, finding a partner and getting married is considered a daunting task. One of the reasons of such an extraordinary demographic imbalance is an early mortality among Russian men.

Alcohol and drug abuse is the cause of a great many accidents and severe health problems. Generally speaking, the average life span of a Russian man is less than sixty years, whereas the majority of men in the USA and Western Europe live till their late 70ies.

If single Russian women fail to find their lifelong partners among Russian men, it’s only natural that they should start searching elsewhere. A beautiful, smart and accomplish girl from Eastern Europe has all the chances of finding her special one abroad.

Russian girls and foreign guys

A foreign man’s superiority

Before we start on this, let’s point out that it’s a question of every woman’s personal perception. One would say that considering foreign men superior to their Russian rivals has a strong “the grass is greener on the other side” flavour to it. But even if we’re talking about general misconceptions here, they are a potent reason for single Russian women to start searching for a future husband abroad.

According to general belief, American and western European men are more respectful towards women. They are also less imposing and aggressive. Also, foreigners will not look down upon a 30-year-old woman, considering her a looser and an old spinster.

Foreign men are willing to merry an Eastern European girl they genuinely like whereas Russian men tend to avoid tying the knot for years.

They don’t mind to date and even live together, but starting a family is a huge responsibility an average Russian man would prefer to stay away from. Foreign men are also considered less prone to alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

The list of a foreign man’s advantages also includes:

Ability to provide for a family

Although the economy of Russia has significantly improved in recent years, the average salary is still only around $500 to $600. And in smaller towns, it’s even less. Even the lowest paid employee in the USA, Australia or western European countries will easily earn this amount in much less than a month. If a woman is planning to have kids, it’s only natural that she thinks of securing their future.

Mutual help

Many single Russian women are not willing to tolerate the local men’s attitude towards taking care of the household.

The majority of Russian men consider it beneath their dignity to do the chores. According to them, washing up, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, doing laundry are only woman’s duties.

Even if women work as much as men and earn the same amount or even more, they are still expected to do everything around the house more or less singlehandedly. In western countries, it’s not so common when a woman is the only one who does the chores, but in the Eastern European countries it’s the norm.

No domestic violence

It’s a very sad thing to talk about, but domestic violence is a big problem in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Statistic says, in Russia alone more than fourteen thousand women pass away annually as a result of some form of domestic abuse. There is no proper system in place to protect the victims, so police officials choose to ignore the issue.

However, women in post-USSR are no longer willing to tolerate being in abusive relationship. They would rather look for less aggressive partners abroad. It’s not an easy thing to break a long-lasting stereotype though. Dominating behaviour is generally encouraged in males by the Slavic cultural norms. Women of the previous generations were taught to see jealousy and consequent beating as signs of true love.

No extramarital relationships

A great many men in Russia cheat on their wives and don’t consider having a second family a moral taboo. A faithful husband is a rare case in Slavic countries, and the majority of women expect their partners to cheat on them either on a regular basis or from time to time. Most men in western countries, however, avoid cheating on their wives, and that’s a huge advantage for a Russian woman with traditional family values.

A social status symbol

Even if a girl is not interested in starting a family right away and would rather spend some time pursuing her career or enjoying a hobby, she’s regularly reminded by everyone of her “problem”. Being unmarried is equal to having a low value as a human being. Every woman’s calling lies within her family, husband and children. Even the strongest personalities tend to give due to the mere social pressure and lots of brainwashing. Girls start seeing marriage and childbirth as their primary goal. Being a mother and wife becomes a potent way to prove one’s worth.

This is one of the reasons why single Russian women join international dating agencies. They are determined to find a foreign man in order to get a respectable status of a married woman. Some of them tried to find a soul mate in Russia but with no success, others decided to start searching abroad at once. During an online dating period with a Russian lady on a dating site, it’s a very important point for a foreign man to clarify. He should be absolutely sure that the girl he likes is willing to start a family and it’s not the sheer social pressure that makes her desperately look for a partner.

A huge step towards personal freedom

For many single Russian women, marrying into a foreign culture is a huge step towards personal freedom. In patriarchal society of the Eastern European countries, a clever and ambitious woman often has to lower her level and hide intellectual potential in order to please a less accomplished man. It may sound strange, but many Slavic men tend to avoid smart, independent and successful women.

Whether it’s an inferiority complex and a simple desire to dominate in a relationship, but an average Russian man would rather prefer someone ordinary rather than exceptional. With a foreign man who is supposed to have more progressive views, a woman has a chance to remain her true self.

Foreign men are friendlier and more romantic

Every woman dreams of being swept off her feet. Slavic ladies are especially sensitive and romantic, and they expect their potential partner to do beautiful things for them during the courtship period. Yes, they do expect butterflies and blushes! And very often foreign men prove to be far more romantic and willing to win a woman’s heart than men in Russia. They find a lovely place for a date, bring a bouquet of flowers, and prepare a touching surprise. They would come for a date smartly dressed and would pay lots of compliments to the girl.

More than that, many foreign men radiate a friendly attitude towards the people around and a positive outlook on life. It matters a lot to a Russian woman as no one is particularly happy to date a gloomy guy who never smiles.

In spite of all the reasons mentioned above, it’s a matter of personal preferences of every woman whether to date a foreign man or not. When it comes to love and romantic relationship, it’s hardly worth generalising as every person is unique.

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