You can’t buy a Russian girlfriend, but you can win her affections

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Some foreign men searching for a wife of Russian sites get the wrong idea when they hear the term “mail order bride”. It goes without saying that you can’t order anyone by mail or simply put, buy a Russian girlfriend. The term is rather deceptive, and it takes its origin from the American frontier when farmers used to put adds in the local newspapers and magazines trying to get acquainted with women from other regions.

They used to send each other letters and photographs, and if everything seems to be working out between a guy and a girl, she would arrive to marry him straight away. Very often such couples used to meet each other face to face on their weeding day. These days the term refers to any woman who puts her profile on a dating site’s catalogue. Generally speaking, these women search for love, romance and marriage outside their home country.

Find a real Russian girlfriend on an international dating website

Plenty of men from all over the world are interested in starting a romantic relationship with Russian women. Slavic ladies are known to be exceedingly attractive, loving, gentle, feminine and family oriented. Such character traits are almost nonexistent in the west these days, and men have real difficulties starting a family with local feministic girls.

That’s why they turn to dating sites hoping to find a woman who would offer them something better than continuous fights, mood swings, doubts and lack of willingness to have kids. However, a great many men have no idea how to court Russian women and win their hearts. Sometimes they simply try to buy a Russian girlfriend with lots of expensive gifts. Here are a few tips on how to win the affections of an average Eastern European woman.

Make sure to have a nice profile with an attractive profile photo

If you browse through the women’s profiles on Russian dating sites, you’re bound to notice how attractive they are. Not only that, but their introductions are a pleasure to read, too. This is because a typical Russian woman on a dating site is very serious about finding a decent man to share her life with.

She is willing to make efforts in order to make her profile look attractive. She writes a detailed and interesting introduction and makes sure to fill all the profile fields. If a site allows uploading a short video, she’ll make sure to do that. If it’s requested to put up a professional photo instead of a quick selfie taken on a smartphone, she’ll obey the instructions.

Find a girlfriend from Russia for a long lasting romantic relationship

As you can imagine, it’s not very peasant for a woman who took so much trouble over her page to receive a generic “hi bauty” message from a person who didn’t bother to say a couple of words about himself and who has a picture of his cat as an avatar. She’ll consider it a sign of disrespect, and you’ll lose your chance to meet someone really special. So make sure to write about your place of living, occupation, interests and hobbies, character traits, aspirations and dreams. Don’t forget to specify what sort of person you’re looking for.

As for the profile photo, your smiling face should be clearly visible. The whole image should radiate cheerful attitude and positive spirit. Looking miserable, lonely, unhappy or frustrated on photographs is a big no-no. Also, say a determined no to bathroom selfes, group photos, pictures with other women, images of your naked torso, blurred and low quality photographs. No need to demonstrate your wealth – you can’t buy a Russian girlfriend ’s affections by showing off.

Write beautiful mails

You are not expected to write in flowery or dreamy manner, but your letters should be well written and interesting. It’s no secret that women love with their ears, and Russian ladies are no exception. Make sure to answer all her questions and reveal you genuine interest in her daily life, dreams and expectations. Pay her compliments, but don’t overdo thing – it should sound like cheap flattering.

Feel free to be romantic and sentimental – Russian girls love this sort of things. They are bought up with an idea of romantic love, and even the most cynical of them do believe in meeting someone special – a true gentleman who’ll treat his lady like a queen. As for the length of your mails, don’t like “War and Peace”, but there is no need in keeping it too short either. Ideally speaking, you should match her own letters where length is concerned.

Communication is key when dating Russian girls online, so you can send letters as often as you want. Don’t be afraid to seem obtrusive or irritating –Russian women like determine and assertive men who know exactly what they want and try very hard to conquer a woman of their dreams. Sometimes you can even send her handwritten letters by regular mail – she’s bound to appreciate the effort.

Qualities to demonstrate in order to impress a Russian woman

There is a particular set of qualities an average Slavic woman hopes to find in her life partner. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Generosity. No, we’re not talking of rich guys who try to buy a Russian girlfriend by offering her smartphones and laptops, jewellery and fur coats. It’s more about generosity of a person’s soul and readiness to offer help when needed.
  • Honesty. Russian women encounter too many dishonest men in their own country. There is no way they would also want a perpetual liar from abroad.
  • Loyalty. A Russian woman is the most loyal partner you can think of. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find her cheating. And of course, she expect the same kind of loyalty in return.
  • Confidence. A typical Slavic lady likes to have a strong, confident man at her side. He is supposed to be a good decision maker and a reliable partner. A woman should be able to feel like behind a stone wall when she is with her man. A meek and hesitant guy is not going to give her all that, so make sure you’re the opposite of him.
  • Purposefulness. If you have a goal, you should work towards achieving it. If a woman sees your efforts trying to make your relationship work, she’ll know you can be trusted as a partner.

Pay her compliments

Use matchmaking services for dating a Russian woman online

When you pay compliments to a Russian woman, you shouldn’t focus only on her appearance. Of course, Eastern European girls take a lot of trouble over looking beautiful and attractive, and it’s always pleasant when their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. But a woman also wants to know whether you value her as a person. When you pay her compliments, it’s recommended to praise her kindness, sense of humour, talents and so on. If she has a hobby, tell her she’s good at it. If she volunteers in a particular activity, praise her kind heart. If she’s proud of her professional achievements, make sure to let her know you’re proud of them, too.

Send her flowers

If you date a Russian girl giving her flowers is a must. Slavic women give a lot of importance to this ritual, and they also genuinely love flowers. Use one of the flower delivery services in her home town and surprise her with a lovely bouquet. Her heart is sure to melt when she receives a beautiful bunch of roses, or carnations, or chrysanthemums, orchids, tulips or daisies. Don’t forget to insert a little card with words of your genuine affection. You can send flowers either on special occasion, or without any particular reason. In any case, she’ll know you think of her and try to please her.

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These were only a few suggestions on how to win a Slavic woman’s heart. Needless to say, you can’t purchase anyone in the world of today, even if ‘purchase” is just a figurative term. If someone told you it’s possible to buy a Russian girlfriend, it’s not true. You can try to win her heart by pitting out tips in good use. All the best in your online dating experience!

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